Have you heard the news?” called Carl, breathlessly.
“A noted scientist has just produced proof that the
lunar surface was inhabited by intelligent life: a
10-inch angel sculpture embedded in a moon rock.”

“Tell me more.”

“Well, NASA lab workers chipped the angel from one
of the rocks brought to Earth by Apollo 11 astronauts
40 years ago, in 1969.

“It was announced by Dr. Morris Charles. He was a
NASA scientist for 23 years He left the agency in
1987. But he still has close ties to many of his old

“Anyway, the statue has wing-like appendages and long
flowing hair. It is hand polished to a silvery
metallic sheen. And it’s made of an iron compound
supposedly found only in the highlands of the moon.”

“Why no news until now?” I asked skeptically.

Carl grimaced. “Jonathan, in your work you surely
know better. Space agency higher-ups have kept the
information highly classified, fearing world-wide
panic. But it’s been common knowledge among NASA
insiders for years.”

“So where is this artefact?”

“It was smuggled out by persons who must, for obvious
reasons, remain anonymous. Dr Charles has it in his

“Has NASA made any comment?”

“NASA officially denies Dr. Charles’ allegations.
The statue was displayed to photographers and newsmen
but is now being held for further study at an undisclosed


Well,  I am normally skeptical of such
reports. My work as an archaeologist demands solid
evidence – or at least the weight of evidence.

Whether this artefact is real or not remains to be

To anyone with a limited understanding of physics and
ancient history, very little brain power is needed to
call something “bunk”. All it requires is to close one’s
eyes, guess, and be negative in the hopes one might be

With some suspicion, I noted that the report appears to
drift off into ancient astronaut theory and never
returns to discussing the statue.

Tell me, if something is ancient and sophisticated,
does that mean it came from another planet?

There are only three options for any such artefact.

(a) It came from a moon civilization
(b) It came from outer space visitors
(c) It came from our very own earth

SO, how did people react to the announcement? Here are
some responses:

* “Absolutely mind-boggling. So at one time the
moon had an atmosphere conducive to life –
and was home to a sophisticated race of
people with a sense of beauty.”

* “Nonsense. The moon cannot support an
atmosphere because of its low gravity,
so the theory that the moon once supported
life is bunk.”

* “Not so fast! Gravity on the moon is equal
to 64% that of earth, so there is a
breathable atmosphere.”

* The Moon cannot, nor ever has, supported an
atmosphere! There as never been ‘Life existing
ON the Moon.’ However that doesn’t mean the
statue wasn’t ether dropped off or made on
the moon by a previous civilization.”

* “Or maybe they lived underground or in
structures that afforded them clean air
or whatever resource they needed.”

* “Oh, come on! There is no proof that the rock
is from the moon. Probably the stone came
from Earth in the first place. Major boo-boo
for NASA?”

* “Didn’t the Sumerians tell stories of winged
deities, as far back as 18th century BC?
Maybe the Sumerians were visited by these
moon beings, and merely modelled the statue
after their image. Many drawings by the
Sumerian show beings with wings. These were
not part of the body, but accessories of a
flight suit.”

* “There are many a strange structures on the
moon. Someone’s been to the moon.”

* “There is abundant evidence that ancient
civilizations existed here on earth, and
that they were technologically more advanced
than we are. You cannot confuse ‘Ancient
Cultures’ with ‘Primitive Cultures’.


It is an axiom that the simplest, or most likely, answer
to a question is usually the correct one.

For years I have been stating, with good evidence, that
ancient man had the ability and the technology for
flight. But not just flight.

In a remote northern area of Tibet lie the ruins of the
Hsing Nu capital, discovered by Duparc in 1725.

Within the city, Duparc came upon a mass of monoliths
(once coated with silver), a pyramid, part of a tower of
blue porcelain, and a royal palace, containing thrones
with sun and moon images. There was also a large milky
white stone surrounded by exquisite drawings.

Now for the stunning sequel. In 1952, a Soviet expedition
arrived. The group was shown by Tibetan monks some
ancient documents, whose descriptions agreed with those
of Duparc.

But here is the breathtaking part: the milky white stone,
so said the documents, was “brought from the moon.”

Moon rock? Is it possible? Could man actually have left
this earth and gone to the moon in ages past? Was space
travel a natural adjunct to his civilization? Are there

Indeed there are. Indications of the reality of ancient
space travel do come from widely separated parts of the
world. Written and oral tradition is widespread—and, it
seems, reliable.


Chinese historians in particular never tried to please
their rulers at the expense of truth. Death was
preferred to untruthful reports of history.

As an example we have the fate of historians in the reign
of Chi in 547 B.C. We should therefore take seriously
the historical reports of China, even if they seem at
first to he far-fetched.

There is a tendency in scientific circles nowadays to
regard ancient documents and even mythology and folklore –
as sources of history.

Anthony Roberts expresses it this way: “Legends are like
time-capsules that preserve their contents through ages
of ignorance.”

In regard to some of the chronicles cited hereafter,
internal evidence will carry its own proofs of

According to an ancient Chinese history, shortly before
2000 BC, the engineer of Emperor Yao decided to go to the
moon. The “celestial bird” provided him with information
on his trip. He explored space by “mounting the current
of luminous air” (the exhaust of a fiery rocket?).

Hou Yih flew into space where “he did not perceive the
rotary movement of the sun.” (This statement is of
paramount importance in corroborating the story because
it is only in space that man cannot see the sun rise or

On the moon he saw the ‘frozenlooking horizon” and
erected a building, “the Palace of Cold”.

His wife Chang Ngo likewise flew to the moon, which she
found a “luminous sphere, shining like glass, of enormous
size and very cold; the light of the moon has its birth
in the sun,” she declared.

(Chang Ngo’s moon exploration report was correct.
Apollo II astronauts found the moon desolate with a
glasslike soil— and parts of it even paved with pieces
of glass. Most of the moon, at any given time, is in the
throes of extreme cold. It plunges to minus 250 degrees
Fahrenheit at midnight.)

The ancient Greek scientist Empedocles had also declared
that the moon was made of glass. Such precise knowledge
implies on-site inspection of the moon in the remote

A story from this same period in Chinese history speaks
of an enormous ship which sailed on the sea with
brilliant lights which were extinguished during the day.

It could also sail to the moon, hence its name, the boat
to the moon”.

This giant ship which could travel in the sky or sail
the seas was seen publicly for 12 years.

For your interest, there is heaps more information about
ancient space travel from planet Earth in my book “Dead
Men’s Secrets” ( )

While we’re speaking of China, “The Shi Ching” book says
that when the Emperor saw crime and vice rising in the
world, “he commanded Chong and Li to cut off
communication between the earth and the sky—and since
then there has been no more going up or down.”

Is this not a clear indication of the cessation of space
travel in the past?


It was July 20, 1969, the occasion of the first moon

During the last reconnaissance flight around the moon,
preceding the landing, one of the astronauts made an
unexpected announcement: he had just seen the contours
of what seemed to be some sort of seven-story structure.

What was it that he saw? Might it have been the “Palace
of Cold”? Why did they subsequently delete this from
rebroadcasts? They cut 11 minutes out of the broadcast.

(But it was too late. We had already heard it.)

If there is a single, ancient, long-abandoned edifice on
the moon, if there is a single object indicating earlier
intelligence, if there is still one recognizable rock
drawing to be found, then just think what such a find
would do to our conventional history.

Now, I know it is trendy to talk about space aliens as
having their origins in some distant galaxies. But is
this really the most plausible explanation of the UFO

Or does the truth – and the evidence – lie in a
different direction?


In all the 5 years since I began sending out this
newsletter, seldom have I gone public with such
explosive information. I know some people who just
can’t handle this.

This “FEARSOME FOURSOME” of cover-up secrets will
ANGER and SHOCK many people – but it has to come
out now. I can hold back no longer.

If you love TRUTH, you will be glad these explosive
facts are OUT AT LAST!

When you see this information you will agree – some
of it is pure ARCHAEOLOGY DYNAMITE. And some is
that some people kill for – literally!!!

Here’s where to go:
Well, , may this upcoming week be a good
one for you.

Best regards,
Jonathan Gray


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