Tunisia Nov

Inside Star Wars Hotel

  1. I love the huge contrasts between the different areas. The North is more green and European and the South is the Sahara.
  2. I love the historical sites everywhere, from the Carthaginians and the Romans to abandoned towns and villages dating back hundreds of years.Tunisfilms
  3. I love the souks with lots of things to buy in their twisting narrow lanes. They work hard to encourage buyers as their economy is still suffering after the terrorist disaster. But prices are very low and, once they’ve agreed on a final price, you’re guaranteed a great bargain, whether it’s a local craft, perfume, clothes, ceramics or jewellery.
  4. I love the food. It’s all fresh and locally grown and produced. I always eat too many fresh dates, and I buy date jam to take home, as well as saffron.
  5. I love the buffets in the larger hotels. You can take small portions if you want to and go back to try something else. I always seem to overload my plate!
  6. I love the small boutique hotels which are converted houses. It’s surprising how big they are, with hallways hidden round corners. They’re full of interesting things to see, and the food served comes with an explanation of what it is, its traditions and what the recipes are, which I love!
  7. I love Tunisian wine. Magon rose is one of my favourite wines in the world.
    Tunisia Nov

    Deserted Road

  8. I love the miles of empty roads. And I love passing the roadside stalls, all lovingly set out, the stallholders patiently waiting for customers day after day, occasional workers in their traditional clothes, often riding a donkey and cart, or a camel. It’s like being transported back in time.

    Star Wars Hotel

  9. I love the film sets, which have become tourist attractions. Many famous films were made in Tunisia, like Star Wars, The English Patient, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and lots of others in different languages.

10   I love the hospitality. I’ve always been made to feel welcome wherever I’ve gone, even by ladies in traditional clothing when I’ve been dressed in rather revealing Summer dresses. They just smile and accept it.KefTunisia

I get very cross when people ask, Isn’t Tunisia dangerous?

No it is not! They are very friendly, peaceful and welcoming.

I love it and I’d highly recommend it to anyone!!


Tunisair flies daily either from Heathrow Terminal 4 (Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays) and from Gatwick South Terminal (Mondays, Wednesday & Thursdays)

Flight duration around 2h.45mn

Tunisian National Tourist Office UK & Ireland

3rd Floor, 111 Baker Street, London, W1U 6SG

Tél. : +44 20 7224 5598