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  1. I love Mallorca because it has retained its roots despite its Package Tour reputation and people saying ‘Majorca’ in silly voices! Mallorca only has a few tourist areas round the coast. The rest of the island is still traditionally Mallorcan.
  2. I love the Mallorcan scenery; the blue Mediterranean sea, the clear blue sky and the mountains further inland.Costa cruise 099 (Medium)
  3. I love the Mallorcan food, most of it made from local ingredients and unspoilt by chemicals and E numbers.
  4. I love the Mallorcans. They’re friendly, laid-back and welcoming.
  5. I love the Mallorcan shops, selling a wide variety of items, some of them locally-made. And thanks to the state of the Euro, prices were very cheap for us!
  6. I love the Mallorcan restaurants. We sat outside with a selection of tapas, mopped up with local bread and washed down with a rose wine. Wonderful!
  7. I love the Mallorcan history. The Cathedral towers over Palma, the capital, and there are plenty more historical places to visit.Costa cruise 093 (Medium)
  8. I love the Mallorcan gardens in Palma. Walking around the Old Town, you have to keep stopping to peer through front gates at the imaginative and varied courtyards.Costa cruise 104 (Medium)
  9. I love the Mallorcan villages. They still live the traditional way of life, with families dressing up and walking around in the warm evenings, sitting in one of the town square’s bars beside the church, having a meal, a slice of Mallorcan cake, and a coffee or a drink.
  10. I love the Mallorcan markets and the street entertainment, which varies from human statues to excellent groups playing.Costa cruise 111 (Medium)

Some people shy away from the idea of going to Mallorca, thinking that it’s cheesy and spoilt. But it isn’t. It’s a wonderful island for a relaxed, memorable holiday. I highly recommend it!

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