Tower Crown- Burj Khalifa in the backdrop.

“It is a warm feeling as I sit to write my 100th article for I consciously decided to pen down this article on new year eve, which is that time of the year when everyone is in a warm mood, reflecting on the bygone year and is excited to step into the new year. My association with the U.K based online magazine B-C-ING-U.COM started in January of 2014, when Lyn Funnell, the owner and Editor of the magazine approached me with a proposal to start a fortnightly series called ‘Mumbai Memoir’ for her online magazine.  Lyn gave me the liberty to write on any topic which appeals to my creative conscience, which I believe has been the driving force for me to keep writing for 5 years long! I dedicate this 100th article to Lyn and my fellow writers at B-C-ING-U.COM.”

Tower Crown- Burj Khalifa in the backdrop.

The bygone year for me was a roller coaster ride, but the ‘highs’ & ‘lows’ of the journey certainly has helped me grow, both at a personal, as well as at a professional level. Reflecting back, I am realising that the most prominent & highlighting growth milestone for me in year 2018 was of being invited to receive an award in November, at Smart Health Conference at Dubai, UAE. The organization I head- Mind Matterz ( A Psychological Guidance Unit) was rated among ‘Top 50 Health Care Companies’, which certainly has boosted my morale and that of my team. This is the second international recognition we have received, after being appreciated by Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II of England in 2015, which has inspired me and my team to continue our qualitative work related to mental health care which we have been offering since year 2006 towards.  Here’s more about Mind Matterz:

Dubai’s reason to have Burj Khalifa, mentioned on the wall

After attending the 2-day Smart Health Conference’ 2018 held in Dubai, it was sight seeing time thereafter for 3 days. I must admit that my visit to Burj Khalifa was just not a tourist visit, rather it also was a spiritual experience which has enlightened me on few aspects of life and has truly made me feel ‘At the Top’!  I am fascinated by heights, and after knowing that the 124th-125th and the 148th Sky Lounge floor is open for public where tourists can visit with a ticket (in person or online booking) costing AED 140 which is $40 & INR 2685 only, I had consciously purchased a morning session ticket to experience the top view landscape around Burj Khalifa.

Beautiful inspiring lines about the philosophy behind Burj Khalifa, embossed on the wall

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building structure in the world was earlier referred as Burj Dubai and was inaugurated in year 2010. This 2716 feet tall skyscraper has 57 elevators and 8 escalators. Taking references from Islamic structures that withstand the desert winds, Emaar properties approved the design by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill & hired Hyder Consulting to supervise the building’s civil and architectural development. The skyscraper houses Corporate offices, Burj Health Club, the a 304- room Armani Hotel & Residences, At.mosphere Fine Dine Restaurant, Highest swimming pool in the world on its 76th floor & 2 observation sky-decks on the 124/125th & 148th floor respectively.

Top view of urban landscapes around Burj Khalifa Towers


As the lift gradually ascended towards the 124th floor, I could feel my spirit soar towards the sky. When the elevator finally opened it was a mesmerising feeling to walk towards the observation deck and to watch the surrounding landscape from above. As one climbs the staircase toward the observation deck of the 125th floor, one notices a beautiful chandelier welcoming the tourist to mindfully experience few moments of pleasure which has been only possible due to the hard work of a team of 12,000 workers who worked for 22 million man hours for creating the marvellous tower in 6 years!! Here’s a video of the observationsky deck: As I glanced the landscape around and closed my eyes to absorb it all, the recent award winning feeling of satisfaction at the Smart Health Conference and the anticipated completion of 100 articles for B-C-ING-U.COM magazine flashed in my mind’s eye and truly I felt of being ‘At the Top’ of the world!

A writer holding a book of another writer!

As I stood in the company of the tallest building of the world, I reflected on life for a while and realised that just like a tall tower stands on a strong foundation, life too needs to be build on a strong foundation. “The taller one wants to go, the deeper & stronger one’s foundations should be”. Just like the manpower that has gone into the making of Burj Khalifa, similarly so much team effort goes in being who you are, which includes parents, teachers, friends, co-workers and the number of hours that go in training oneself, working hard and making a positive difference to one’s self and simultaneously to the world!


Aerial view of Dubai Mall area

After picking up few souvenirs, as I descended the tower, I could feel a fresh sense of empowerment rushing through my veins. Burj Khalifa is just not a fabulous architectural monument made of materials, but it also has a soul to it. Like it is always the case, when beautiful minds contribute to build something from scratch it is then when even materials too get a soul! Thus, inspired from Burj Khalifa, here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year & may year 2019 help you achieve ‘new heights’ and get you ‘At The Top’ in all what you dream of! Amen!

Photo Courtesy: Shraddha C. Sankulkar


Burj Khalifa ‘At the top’!

Sailing in the clouds near Burj Khalifa

‘Mirror Image’-Reflections @ Burj Khalifa

Beautiful Chandelier welcoming the guests at Burj Khalifa 125th floor sky deck

Beautiful Chandelier welcoming the guests at Burj Khalifa 125th floor sky deck