Statue of Guru Rajneesh at the entrance of Osho Teerth Park

Shraddha Sankulkar visits the city of Pune

After juggling with the urban stresses of an ever-evolving city like Mumbai, its obvious to feel like one is tipping off balance. Serving the tax filing deadlines, bearing the cabbies through the snail pace traffic situation and dodging the road construction sites in pouring rains, drains out most of Mumbaikars these days.

Philosophically interpreting the Marathi language road sign board that reads ‘Warning- Speed Breaker Ahead’

Besides experiencing all of the typical urban stresses, my health too stressed me out in the month of July & August. I urgently needed a mental de-tox from ‘all the blues’ that the city and my mind was splashing on me! The opportunity to re-boot myself came along when my academy colleagues planned an overnight monsoon getaway to Pune.

Training Indian Soldiers: National Defence Academy (NDA) Khadakwasla, Pune

Pune is a city located 150 kms away from Mumbai. Due to the Express Highway, it just takes 3 hours to connect Pune to Mumbai. The early morning weekend drive on the Express Highway was an awesome feeling, as scenic views of valleys and mountains exhibited lush greenery and foggy ambiance around.

After reaching Pune it was ‘fun zone’ through out day till the early hours of next day’s dawn. Games, food & beverages, discussions and soaking in the pool, just was the need of the hour for everyone, to feel positively distracted and stay in the warmth of a friendly bonding to temporarily ‘cut the crap’ of a hectic urban life. Next day, after breakfast everyone bid goodbye and headed back, but I chose to stay behind and explore Pune before I returned back to Mumbai.

Pune Overnight Getaway: Waking after a good sleep, bright Sunday morn, relaxed mind, what more do you need to ‘chilllax’?

My first exploration was National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune. I had heard a lot about this Defence Academy (NDA) and how it trains soldiers, fit for entry into various Indian Defence forces. Patriotic vibes were oozing out of me as I passedcheck posts that displayed the words ‘Jai Hind’ (Victory to India) on it. The Academy is situated on a hill top, off Bhugaon, at Khadakwasla area. Here is a documentary on NDA: It was an amazing ascending drive till the gate of the NDA after which I got back, as I had other destinations in Pune to explore till sunset.

Beautiful landscapes at Osho Teerth Park

My next destination was Osho Teerth Park situated at Koregaon park. 6am-9am & 3pm-6pm is the time limit to visit this unique park. After lunch I reached the park by 4:30pm. This park is an extension of Osho International Meditation Resort & Ashram, established by Acharya Rajneesh (Osho). More of this meditation centre here: This centre is very popular among overseas travellers seeking spiritual enlightenment through Eastern philosophy, as interpreted by the founder of the cult- Guru Rajneesh.

Osho Teerth Park inspires to ‘purify’ one’s dark experiences into positive perspectives to move on optimistically in life

Only registered members can enter the strictly guarded Meditation resort, but entry to Osho Teerth Park is open for general public. Besides the lush greenery and sound of flowing water, what I primarily like about the park is the philosophy behind constructing it. The entire park is constructed on a sewage land which Pune Municipal Corporation gave to Osho Centre, when the later expressed its desire to beautify the wasteland. More about the Osho Teerth Park here:

Cycle of Life- From Black to Green!

Whenever I visit this park it inspires me to turn my dark experiences into positive perspectives, just like the sewage water gets purified by flowing through gravels, sand, stones, mud that has been cleverly landscaped in the park. As I left the park, I felt rejuvenated by soaking into the thought preached by the founder of the Osho Teerth Park which quotes:

“You are a guest. Leave this earth a little more beautiful, a little more human, a little more lovable, a little more fragrant, for those unknown guests who will be following you.”


Dynamics of one’s walk has to change as per the path one chooses!

At sunset, as I walked towards my car to head to Mumbai, just outside the park I saw a road indicator sign board in Marathi language, which read ‘Warning- Speed Breaker Ahead’. I smiled to myself and with a convinced mindset nodded to myself, ‘how the warning sign is a hint to ‘slow down for good and to temporarily curtail the speed’ of one’s life to timely enjoy the little things around us, after which one can speed up again to achieve one’s dream, just like I did over my weekend in Pune!

Osho Teerth Park- Converting the ‘beast’ into ‘beauty’!

Photos Courtesy: Shraddha. C. Sankulkar

From Chaos to Order- Life ‘mushrooming’ out of abandoned sewage land.

Fresh rain water over flowing on the mini bridges at Osho Teerth Park, Pune