Whether you can’t imagine salad without Heinz Salad Cream or you loath the stuff, there is no denying that  it is part of our culinary history, having been with us for 104 years.  This week Heinz have announced that as so few people use the product on salad that they are considering re-branding it  ‘sandwich cream’.

Whilst nothing is currently decided Kraft Heinz have explained that after  research they conducted  found that just 14% of consumers use salad cream for salads and that it was instead widely used in sandwich preparation,  prompting a possible rebrand.

Launched in 1914, Salad Cream has been a household name through two world wars and holds many memories of how salad and Sunday teatimes used to be. However, in an era of sundried tomatoes, quinoa and water melon infused feta salads,  it seems that Heinz fear there is a new generation that do not know what to do with salad cream. However, salad cream has its loyal and avid fans making it the UK’s fifth biggest-selling table sauce last year,  though  this was a 5.4% decline on 2016, according to Nielsen.

Fan’s of Salad Cream have been assured that a decision on the name will be made by September and that the recipe will remain the same, however, this hasn’t stopped some product enthusiasts petitioning in a bid to stop Salad Cream becoming Sandwich Cream, indeed friends Paula O’Brien, 57, and Donna Combe, 55,  have joined forces and launched a petition and social media campaign to stop Heinz changing the product’s name.

I can’t help thinking of all the other products that have undergone name changes, including Opal fruits that are now known Star Burst and Marathon that became Snickers. It seems to me when considering the potential name change of salad cream that it is a pity to change the name of a product that has been gracing people’s pantries for over a century.

Well, we will have to wait until September to see if Salad Cream does change its name, but until then I shall be looking through my retro Heinz cookery book and reminiscing over an age where salad cream was an essential ingredient for salads.