By : Hatem Dhouibi


We live in a world of parallelization and simulation. And so I believe that this world has two different fractions, two existential. There’s the world that we live in, we can see, we can touch, and we can manipulate. And another which we cannot see but we can feel as whoever or whatever lives in this world tries sometimes to connect to our world.

Caroline Speir states : “I and my director Lisa have been here at the museum for ten years. We started here pretty close to each other as we were classmates in college. There wasn’t really something scary but there were constantly weird and odd things happening around within two or three months since we began working. It was like someone was trying to get our attention. One day we had some volunteers upon the second floor. One of the volunteers was Judge Parker’s wife. Near the elevator they heard some kind of a mechanical sound, more like a growl. Also for a variety of times we’ve heard the elevator dings simultaneously with the growl but it wasn’t moving, just empty. At the same place where the sound was heard, in the second floor, we once had a young girl with her grandmother visiting and she said that someone has been pushing her from behind a couple of times as she became upset and started crying.”

Except for the voices and sounds, have you ever seen anything unusual? I wish that I haven’t asked that.

Caroline’s next story carried the answer to my question, she said : “That happened on the fourth floor. I was picking up some things with the company of my daughter and her young blonde female friend. I asked them to wait for me by the elevator until I grab some things for work. When I was doing what I came to do, I raised my sight ahead to see the young friend walking to the end of the place. Due to the equipment, I was only able to see her starting from her shoulders. As I finished, I turned to my daughter who was behind me and asked her to call her friend back so we can go down. Surprisingly she told me that her friend went back downstairs a while ago as she couldn’t stand the atmosphere of the place. I told my daughter that I  just saw her friend walking toward the end of the place, so my daughter grabbed my hand, we took the elevator back to the first floor and her friend was there waiting. I was real conscious about what I was seeing up there.”

“I thought for a while that the girl I have seen might have been just an illusion until one day a couple who were expecting a babe came with their young son to take some pictures at the second floor. I was watching the boy while the husband and wife were taking pictures. All the sudden he turned towards me like a thought has occurred to him, like something has gotten his attention and said ‘babe!’. I thought for a second that we were playing hide and seek, so I kept following behind him while he was walking around like chasing something and keep repeating the word ‘babe’. He wasn’t scared but he was acting different. He went all around until he came to the place where a puppet was put, he pointed finger to the puppet and smiled and said ‘babe’ one last time, like he finally found what he was going after.”


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