Do you lie awake at night dreaming of a good nights sleep? If counting sheep just doesn’t work and you’re constantly tired and lethargic then help is at hand


Introducing Sleep Technology – yes, you can be assured that the big boys want to get in on the act. Google is waking up a sleep-tracking device based on infrared systems while Apple is dreaming up a sleep monitoring system both appearing on the shelves later this year.


Walk into any pharmacy or cosmetic hall and you’ll find a section on sleep and relaxation dotted with lavender-clad sleep sprays and roll-ons. I have used This Works, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which I highly recommend. Alternatively, Neals Yard stores offer a selection of therapies as do Aromatherapy Associates whose products are available online or in many spas.


More hotels have introduced pillow menus where you choose your firmness level and content, be it feather or synthetic, to suit your preference. The choice of linens are much more “touchy feely with a wider range of thread counts in their hundreds and a choice of silk, cotton or satin finishes. Then there are noise cancelling headphones, which maybe uncomfortable to lie on but then there is meditative music which promises to lull you to sleep.


Sleep deprivation is often a result of too much caffeine, stimulating blue screens, stressed minds and busy lifestyles. It can cause depression and skin ageing and possibly lead to diabetes and weight problems as we exhaust ourselves trying to complete our daily tasks in a state of tiredness.


According to Persistence Market Research, this industry will be worth £60bn by 2022. This is not surprising with the numerous self-help books to put you to sleep, hand and pillow sprays, eye pads, soothing music, herbal teas, potions and personal sleep therapists.


So, before I wish you “night night”, here are a few tips to help:


  • Aim to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time to maintain a body schedule. The recommended amount is 7 – 8 hours.
  • Attend a Yoga Nidra class, this focuses more on meditation and relaxation
  • Have a warm soothing bath, dim the lights and listen to soothing instrumental music
  • Blend your own essential oils – lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine, frankincense a
  • Write a list of your worrying thoughts – miraculously, many solve themselves overnight
  • Have a pen and pad by your bedside to write any niggling thoughts. This will settle your mind, knowing you won’t forget to deal with them tomorrow
  • Spray This Works – Deep Sleep Spray on your pillow before you go to bed


Jane Wilson – editor,

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