By : Hatem Dhouibi a.k.a CoOL Burn


There’s only one way to believe what is happening in this road which is to try it.

My passion of discovering and learning about the unknown has been recently growing, so I have been surfing in Google looking for haunted places and mysteries to visit around Arkansas. Most of what I found was common stories that I heard like them before. I texted my friend ‘Nancy Herrera’ questioning if she knows any as she grew up here and her reply was : “when we were kids, we used to go to the gravity hill dyer, you should try it”. She hasn’t given me any further information about it and I haven’t asked, I kept the excitement. Like usual, I pulled up my gps map, typed in ‘gravity hill dyer’ and I started cruising until I reached my destination like the map said but there was nothing. I was in ‘Alma’, I kept driving around the area until I bumped into a sign that says ‘happily ever after’ and the other direction says ‘lost’. I didn’t want to get lost so I waited in this private property which was a place where couples got married, beautiful view. The property owner showed up, asked me if she can help me so I told her that I’ve been looking for the gravity hill, so she gave me the instructions where to go, what to do and what is it about. First, I was happy that the property owner was not a mean man or I would have been shot now.

Like the lady has told me, I stopped the car down the bridge, by the north side of the over-pass that goes over interstate 40, put the car in neutral and the car started to roll uphill. I haven’t believed that I was really moving because I felt some kind of energy around me so I look through the window and the car shadow was moving. I tried it several times and I was actually moving from one spot to another.

There is always an explanation to everything, there exists always a reason and it might be logical or unbelievable. I made a research and I found out two different types of analysis to this phenomena. The first goes back to a local legend which says that the vehicles are being pushed by the ghost of an old football team who crushed on the highway 40 years ago. I kept looking and I found out that the gravity hill doesn’t exist only in Arkansas but there are others alike in Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Indiana…etc. So there were a variety of ghost stories, some says it’s the ghosts of children who died in a school bus crush so their ghosts are pushing vehicles back to keep them from the same fate they witnessed, others say that it’s the ghosts of people who died in the civil war battle in September 1862 while they were trying to escape moving their canon up the hill.

The second explanation is a scientific one which says that it is just an optical illusion, and as a result the road that appears to be going uphill is actually going downhill. Experiments have been made to prove these scientific results.

Personally, I believe that there is more above the two explanations. I was a 100% sure that I was moving from down to up. I am absolutely sure that there will appear other explanations that will refute the two previous ones, so the story will continue one day….

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