Artificial Intelligence

Superfoods, skin-care barriers, sonic acupuncture and sleeping bags for i-phones are some of the trends for a healthy 2018.


Mental, emotional and now digital detoxing is increasingly popular with digital detox retreats high in demand for many seeking refuge from informational overload and e-messages which cause our brains to frazzle, leaving us stressed thinking about too many things. This leaves no quality time for the most important subject– ourselves.


Digital detox breaks force us to give up our phones and digital accessories to open up time to find our own thoughts and space and adapt to a non-digital routine. And don’t worry, some companies even supply sleeping bags for your i-phones!


Silence is the new noise while newer forms of therapies such as crystal singing bowls, sounds baths and sonic acupuncture will vibrate their way into our lives as brain wave entertainment brings us a new way to relax.


Moringa is one of the trendy superfoods hitting the health pages, although the benefits of the moringa tree have been known for many centuries in other cultures. Native to the sub-Himalayan areas of India, the moringa tree has many healing properties. The leaves contain more potassium than bananas, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk and more Vitamin A than carrots. It also has a pleasant taste which is why it is an ingredient in pressed juices and nutrition bars.


And there’s more to help our skin battle against the harsh effects of our environment such as the blue light from our laptops, air pollution from traffic fumes and UV rays. More and more skin-care products are now available to offer barriers not only to protect but to give us that added healthy glow and the re-assuring confidence that we are protecting ourselves from ageing aggressors. You will find them in all forms, from BB creams, sprays and serums.


Gut health awareness continues to be a key consideration of the foods we choose to eat, process and digest, with recommendations to include probiotic supplements with added prebiotic fibre and fermented products such as kombucha.


Exercising at home, work or in your hotel room can save money and time due to virtual reality workouts. There is no need for expensive gym memberships when AI instructors can lead your workouts via headphones. Those seeking less energetic sessions, can tune in to interactive meditation sessions using virtual reality headsets.


Sleep optimization and holistic relaxation techniques are waking up many insomniacs who long for restorative sleep and how to get the rest their bodies crave. New products include weighted blankets, sleep sprays, and healthier mattresses


And a note on a more universal trend – Planetary Healing. The impactful and visually powerful Blue Planet series has already catapulted planetary healing from our TV screens into our everyday lives. This is the growing buzzword for 2018 and beyond.


Jane Wilson, editor of TheHealthcareHoliday