A-Z Curious Sussex

It is always exciting when an author receives the proof of the next book, and I hope this trill will never leave me even though this is my 27th book.

Story Of Pembrokeshire

Thankfully I get the same thrill out of receiving the proofs of a new book as I did with my very first one way back in 1992, and followed by a series on the counties of Wales.


In 1986 I had been medically retired and felt my life was closing in around me.  I seemed to be trapped in a box that was become even smaller as things I once enjoyed doing were no longer possible.  In desperation I turned to writing very vindictive pieces asking the question, why me? But being a positive person that did last for long and I soon changed to writing pieces about why not me, and I found I was actually enjoying it.

Carmarthen book cover

Thanks to being diagnosed with a genetic condition I had unwittingly found the benefits of writing for therapy and a new vocation. That September I enrolled at a local creative class at our local Adult Education Centre, and encouraged b my tutor I started to send articles out, and was lucky enough to get most published, and not long after several failed retinal detachments followed, but I was hooked and wrote about anything that interested me.

Eastbourne book signing

However this time, for the first time ever the proofs took me a lot longer to turn around, mainly because they arrived at the wrong time for me – a few days before the Stickler conference, and although I took them with me, I didn’t have five minutes to myself.  As it usually takes me only a few days to turn them around I wasn’t too bothered until I sat down to do the job.  There had been changes at the publishing house and they were late arriving.  Proofs that would normally be just a checking job turned out to be a problem.  Images were in the wrong place with wrong captions, and parts of the text just didn’t make sense.  The situation was conpounded because it is that time of the year when you catch up with friends for lunch and I was determined not to cancel arrangement already made, so I gritted my teeth and got on with job.

Haunted Worthing

They were eventually finished and went off last Thursday, but because there were so many errors yesterday I received a second set of proofs to check, which have to be back by Friday morning!  So that is my job today before I head off for tea with a friend and my usual hydrotherapy session.  I quick glace last night revealed that this set of proofs is up the usual standard I can expect, so fingers crossed, it will be published in time for Christmas and the usual round of book signing.

Not a Guide to Worthing

What’s the name of the new book?  The A-Z of Curious Sussex , a compendium of strange stories of mysteries, crimes and eccentrics, which I hope will something to fascinate  everyone as I takes you on a grand tour of the curious and bizarre, the strange and the unusual from Sussex’s past.

Shipwrecks of Sussex

Read about the Alfriston Star, the hostelry for medieval package tours with its unusual ship’s figurehead, the infamous  murders as well as the crimes for money and did George, Prince of Wales really marry his beloved Maria? Along the way you will meet scandalous residents, inventors, and smugglers galore.

Story Of Gower