Family-run Pork & Co undoubtedly serves up the best pulled pork I have ever tasted – and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the pork free-range, but its sourced from the family’s very own smallholding, meaning the pork reigns superior in both quality and taste, says Kiran Shergill.


The setting is in keeping with the family-run feel. Rickety stairs lead you up to an airy interior of intimate rooms and coves, complete with old-fashioned wooden tables and chairs. The simplicity in style is what gives Pork & Co a welcome feel, as if you’ve stepped into a friend’s house for tea.

The staple item here is the pulled pork roll. Slow cooked for 14 hours, the meat is gorgeously tender and moist. If you’re looking for some serious indulgence, opt for the Meaty Melt – take a generous helping of pulled pork, add some creamy mac & cheese, neatly sandwich this between two thick slices of homemade sourdough bread, and you’ve officially entered food heaven. If that wasn’t enough to make you burst, this toastie is served with a plentiful portion of chips and a delicious homemade slaw of your choice (try the chilli slaw for an added kick!).


If pulled pork isn’t your thing, then don’t be misled by the name. Pork & Co serves up plenty of alternatives. The buttermilk southern fried chicken is served up in either a roll, or as a generous portion of chicken strippers – both complete with chips and slaw.

Veggies shouldn’t be put off by the name either. The vegetarian scotch eggs – perfectly gooey and served with spiced chickpeas – are seriously good. Try them on their own or with chips and slaw, for a satisfying main meal.


No trip to Pork & Co is complete without their much-loved Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Have it ‘straight up’ or throw in some pork and bacon, for a meatier bite. All options are starter-sized –  enough to whet your appetite and keep any pressing hunger pangs at bay.

Pork & Co also offers up a vast selection of drinks. From cocktails and wine, to beers and cider – a perfect combination for the ultimate comfort food. For the full menu see