Based within the historical hub of WW2’s Bletchley Park, basement bar ‘The Bletchley’ transports you to the enigmatic world of secret agents and codebreakers. 


Whether you’re a seasoned Sherlock or a wishful Watson, the Bletchley will certainly provide you with a brain-teasing, brain-pleasing, (and at times) brain-freezing experience.


Upon entering the bar, you’ll notice the attention to detail in creating a truly authentic code-breaking experience. From the dim-lighting and chalkboard walls to the mysterious agent who greets you at the door, every aspect of this underground waterhole is fit for purpose.



Following a brief (ahem) brief of your duties for the evening, patrons are led to their seats to begin their experience. Don’t forget to slip on your complimentary spy jacket that is provided on each seat – this will be sure to kickstart your ‘inner-agent’.

To get your spy-ey senses tingling, you’ll be served a refreshing welcome cocktail whilst you tuck in to your first code-breaking task. To save you from the risk of dehydration, rest assured that the tasks are a perfect balance of challenge and considered brainpower. So it won’t be too long before you get your mitts on your very own personalised concoction of flavoursome delights!



The Bletchley cocktails offer an exciting twist on the usual fanfare. Be prepared to introduce some newcomers to your palette, such as the savoury green pesto and exotic fresh mango. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, fear not, you’ll be sure to find some familiar faces such as orange and mint tucked away in your unique recipe.

Now, before you dust off your detective hat be sure to book yourself a spot in advance. The Bletchley has attracted the wannabe agents of London in their droves, and at just £30pp – who can blame them!


Roger that 😉