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Experts ‘Concerned’ Because Long Valley Caldera Volcano Is ‘Moving’ – High Number Of Earthquakes ‘Indicators Of Pending Volcanic Eruption’

Long Valley Caldera near Mammoth Lakes has experts “concerned” because over the last 100 days the volcano has been “acting up” as NewsPrepper describes it and the unusual amount of Earthquakes that have...
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‘Biggest Hunt In History’ Now Underway Could Help Confirm One Of The Biggest Conspiracy Theories And Mysteries Of Our Age – The ‘Deep State’ In ‘Deep Space’ And The Mysterious Enigma Of ‘Planet X’

By Stefan Stanford In what some have called ‘the biggest hunt in history’, professional and citizen astronomers are now taking part in a NASA-funded project called ‘Backyard Worlds: Planet...
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NY Times David Carr’s Interview With Edward Snowden Hours Before His Death – Is This Video The Reason Why David Carr Died?

By Stefan Stanford aka Live Free Or Die – All News Pipeline David Carr on CITIZENFOUR shortly before his death: “There’s something about that film that makes it a...
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