Lyn Funnell has been a writer for a long time, but, like a lot of other writers, she was sick of being treated disrespectfully by Editors. A lot of time and effort goes in to creating an article or a story, and surely it’s not too much to expect a fast acknowledgement, so the work can be sent elsewhere if it’s not wanted! And a lot of the time the Editors don’t even bother to reply at all. It’s so rude!

Then there’s the alterations to our work, usually made by non-writers without our permission. Although some of the mistakes they make are hilarious, they don’t do the writers’ reputations any good. Nor does ‘promising’ us coverage for Press Trips, then breaking their promises. It makes us look like Freeloaders!

Finally, in late November, 2013, Lyn had enough of wasting time struggling and banging her head against a wall, and planned to start B-C-ing-U! to fill a gap in the Travel/Leisure magazine market. Although it didn’t officially launch until early January 2014, to her utter amazement, the magazine was already getting over 100 viewers a day only three days after it was created!
We’re privileged to have a quality group of worldwide writers who understand what we’re aiming for while keeping their own individual style of writing. We don’t mess them about. We use the same Diarists and Contributors regularly. They know they can trust us to treat them with respect, and we know we can trust them to produce quality articles. And, no, we don’t alter their words at all!

It’s so interesting to read all the news from the different Countries. What is B-C-ing-U! about? Obviously, an interesting read that can be dived into and enjoyed while travelling, or relaxing at home. But we also want to have a Voice that you can rely on, expressing an opinion about things that we all love – and hate too! For instance, if we review a restaurant that is absolutely diabolical, we don’t praise it; we believe that the public has a right to know about it instead of wasting their money. (We’re not rude though. We’re tactful.) And if a local pub serves delicious food, has an interesting history and a wonderful atmosphere, we think the public should know about that too.

We also write about places to visit that you may not normally hear about, both abroad and in the UK. It’s amazing what you can discover on your own doorstep! As Arthur Daley once said, The world is our lobster. Enjoy, get involved – and please spread the word! To contact the team any time send us an email at or write a comment in the magazine.