Lyn Funnell visits the Handel & Hendrix Museum In London.

If George Frideric Handel and  James Marshall Hendrix had met on the stairs of the house that they both shared in different centuries, I wonder what they’d have thought of each other?

They were probably as different as two musicians could be. One apartment was plain and the other one was colourful and flamboyant.  And yet they had a lot in common; they were geniuses, original composers and outstanding musicians with a distinctive sound.

Handel moved to London in 1712 and became a British citizen in 1727.

He rented the first two floors in 25 Brook Street in Mayfair and composed and rehearsed a lot of his works there until his death there in 1759.

The staircase had to be widened to get his harpsichord up the stairs.

Having scraped off 28 layers of paint, Handel’s rather drab grey colour was discovered underneath. And now the Handel part of the museum is painted in that colour.

Handel was a wealthy man. He never married or had children and he drank while he composed.

Like Handel, Hendrix liked a drink, and it finally killed him as he choked on his vomit while he was asleep.

He was also a wealthy man who never married or had children.

On September 24th 1966 Hendrix moved to London. He lived in 23 Brook Street on the top floor from 1967-1968.

The house at the time was rented out as warehouses, but it suited Hendrix as he could come home late and play his guitar without disturbing the neighbours.

Jimi Hendrix’s apartment has been refurbished and the décor is identical to how it was when he lived there, copied from photos.

There’s even a carpet sweeper because Hendrix was apparently very neat and tidy since his time in the army, and he’d sweep the carpet after he’d had visitors.

The only authentic object in the room is the mirror on the wall.

Both parts of the museum are manned by enthusiastic guides with a vast knowledge of their chosen subject, either Handel or Hendrix, and sometimes a bit of both. They all enjoyed talking about the musicians.

Unlike other museums, you are welcome to take photos everywhere.

Special events like concerts are sometimes held here.

Check the website for details.

Handel & Hendrix in London

25 Brook Street




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