Come with me into the most eerie ghost town on this planet.

But first you should know its story…

It is early morning. Five cities on the Jordan Plain awaken.

The merchants are opening their shops. Men are going to work,
children to school. Mothers are making beds, preparing laundry.

But suddenly, a hush falls over the countryside. The jubilant
chatter of the birds and the boisterous crowing of the roosters
is silenced.

One man, his wife and two unmarried daughters are literally
dragged from the city of Sodom by the two strangers who arrived
in the city the day before. The animals begin to stir uneasily.

But no one notices the ‘sense of impending doom’…

Without further warning, the sky darkens. To everyone’s horror,
balls of fire begin to fall. Myriads of them. The sound of a
mighty wind is heard… and a tempest of fire begins to rain upon
the cities and the surrounding plain.

In an instant, varying sized missiles of burning sulphur cascade
down upon the buildings, setting them ablaze.

The terrified screams of man and beast fill the air. But this
continues only for a moment. After a few breaths, all life is

Everywhere the fire-balls crash, they stick and completely
consume whatever they fall upon. Within minutes the entire plain
and the cities upon it are reduced to pure ash!

According to ancient records five cities – Sodom, Gomorrah,
Admah, Zoboiim and Zoar – sat on a fertile, watered plain near
the Valley of Siddim (the present Dead Sea).


This is the deepest spot on earth. It dips down between Israel
and Jordan, some 1,300 feet (400 metres) below sea level, to
what is known as the DEAD SEA.

In this lake no fish can live. The waters are 28 per cent salt,
six times saltier than the ocean. Any careless fish that
ventures from the River Jordan down into this evil lake chokes
to death and is pickled.

In this water you cannot sink. When you jump in, you feel as
if you are being thrown out again.

The scorching sun dries your skin almost at once. The thin
crust of salt which the water has deposited on your body makes
you look quite white. You must rinse this off quickly, or risk
severe burning.

Virtually nothing grows here. The shore is utterly desolate…
and in summer it bakes like an oven.

When I first saw this desert, the shallow water close to shore
was choked with the stumps of ancient trees, encrusted in salt.

There was a bizarre beauty about it.

It is hard to believe that this whole area was once like a
beautiful garden, exceptionally fertile.


In our day popular speculations have placed the ruins of these
lost cities on the floor of the Dead Sea.

In 1960, an American explorer, with the friendly cooperation of
the Jordanian monarchy, attempted to make a search of the north,
middle and south end of the Dead Sea bottom.

He located, photographed and displayed a few poorly identifiable
objects that he claimed to have found at depths and locations
that are incompatible with the actual depths in the named

The only certainties that emerged were that trees once grew on
the land now covered by water. And there was no evidence of any
remains of cities. But these efforts and published data have led
many to incorrectly believe that the cities rest beneath the
Dead Sea.

Another attempt has been made more recently, but with similar
inconclusive results.

However, the cities cannot lie under the sea.  The historian
Josephus says that the ruins were visible in his day – on the
borders of the Dead Sea, not hidden under it!


According to the record, the five cities were destroyed by
falling fire and sulphur and turned to ash.

Now our teams have located and identified the ruins.

I still remember vividly my first visit to this haunting ruins
of the second largest site, Gomorrah. This has to be the eeriest
ghost town on earth. You would experience an oven by day, and at
night the stark silence of death

It was two hours before sunset. The lengthening shadows
accentuated the shapes of ashen formations rising above the
desert. One could make out outlines of walls.

From the start, I was struck by the contrast between brown,
stony desert and the white of a city that had been turned to
ashes. They were separate and most distinct from each other.


There was distinct form here. Remains of buildings, one of
them five stories high. All ash now. This place had suffered
tremendous destruction.

Periodically there were openings in the walls, entrances to the
city, where you see actual “streets”.

These wide avenues had buildings on both sides, and led to other
side streets. The large piles of ash made walking difficult down
these streets.

There were traces of the city wall   a double wall, with
buttresses coming out from it at right angles. These had been
built to strengthen the wall.

There were traces of sphinxes. And close by the clear remains
of a ziggurat, or stepped pyramid. This was built upon a
rectangular platform, just as were the ziggurats of ancient

The clinching evidence was the balls of burnt sulphur – probably
millions of them! Pressed powder balls of brimstone inside burn
capsules, and surrounded by burn rings embedded in ash – a
phenomenon which, as far as can be determined, is found NOWHERE

Here was actual evidence that fire and sulphur once rained upon
this area!


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5. Ark of the Covenant
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Sincere best wishes,
Jonathan Gray


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