With four young children, trips away are starting to resemble a military operation. At times our eight seater minibus doesn’t seem large enough, especially when we head off for a day trip with enough supplies and ‘just in case’ items to kit an army expedition.

I love travelling and I enjoy taking my children to new places. Little Beatrice at just three weeks of age had a passport and Rosa at eighteen months has been to Venice, Malta and Gran Canaria. It is certain that we’ll be jetting of to far off lands very shortly, though the promise of relaxation when on holiday is but a distant memory when travelling with young children. Indeed day trips and holidays abroad now require strategic planning and one must factor in tears and tantrums into the itinerary. Having said all of this I do enjoy travelling with my children, though some of the best things in life are the simple and small ones, such as watching my young children shell peas in the front garden or taking an after school stroll on the beach.

I’m currently planning trips for the summer holidays and as I watch the six weeks school holiday itinerary swell with travel and excursions I am mindful that the best memories are often made from the  small things. After all the small pleasures in life aren’t really small, because they often create the cornerstones of our lives. It’s all those walks where my children pick up leaves and empty snail shells, the beach strolls where they collect driftwood treasure and hunt for crabs in rock pools; the paddling pool in the back garden and the times they fall asleep whilst I read to them that gradually paint a masterpiece of happy memories. I am most definitely guilty of forgetting that it’s not the big trips that make a profound difference, but this year as I have begun filling up the diary I have been mindful of allowing time to note the details of the smaller things that make me happy.

In my chaotic rush to just get through the day, I am often only too willing to forget to celebrate the small victories, but I am conscious that it’s important to cherish the seemingly insignificant moments, because I have found that as time passes these are often the big moments. My girls are all growing up so quickly and it is amazing how they change. When I reminisce about my girls very young days it the little things that I really delight in, such as messy play in the garden and mispronounced words.  It’s the seemingly mundane moments that children approach with a sense of wonder and awe that I think we could all learn a lesson from. If I were to make a life resolution it would certainly be to slow down and take notice of the small wonders in life.

One thing that I am most determined to do this Summer Holiday is record the memories. In such a digital age, I often forget to print my photographs and so this year I shall be keeping a handwritten diary and framing excepts of it along with images and mementos. I’m hunting for ideas on doing this craft project, but I have great plans for the wall in my writing den. One thing is for certain it will be the small memories and the easily missed details that I’ll be looking to record.




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