The Czech Republic is known for many things. Whether it is alcohol of all kinds (beer, slivovice, becherovka and lots more), hockey (is watching somebody World Championship?) Or historical monuments and beautiful Prague. But the fact is, the Czechs are also great food lovers! Although who is not, right? In today’s article, I would like to advise you on what kind of dishes to try when visiting Bohemia. Ready?


  1. Svíčková (Sirloin on cream)

Svíčková is a traditional dish of Czech cuisine. My favorite meal! This is the roast beef, served with cream sauce and bread dumplings and seasoning of cranberry (or tastes like), marmalade, lemon and cream. I know, I know. This may sound terrifying. But I assure you it is not so bad. The sauce was traditionally prepared from root vegetables, later from root vegetables and cream. In the Czech Republic, however, there are many variants of recipes that slightly change the taste of the sauce. It’s one of the heavier meals. herefore, I do not recommend svíčková before sporting activities. Anyway, it’s something worth tasting. It is cooked in almost every restaurant. And in each is different. And every Czech will tell you that svíčková from their mother or grandmother is the best one.


ovocne knedliky

  1. Ovocné knedlíky (Fruit dumplings)

Even fruit dumplings have many variations. Both kinds of dough and fruit change. Here’s more likely that this food will taste you. It’s the main course. But it can also be a dessert. The dough is made of curd and flour. Common fruits are blueberries or apricots.

vepro knedlo zelo

  1. Vepřo knedlo zelo (Pork, dumplings and sauerkraut)

It is a Czech national dish, pork roast with dumplings and (steamed) cabbage, which consists of three parts, served on a plate together:

– roasted pork, usually lean, on slices sliced

– „bread“ dumplings, also cut into slices,

– stewed white (or less often red) sour cabbage

Similar food is also common in Austria and Bavaria.

This meal is not my favorite but it’s all about personal preferences. Anyway, I recommend you to try it and judge it then.


  1. Žemlovka

Žemlovka is sweet pie, which is prepared from apples and white bread soaked in sweetened milk or eggs. The food has a special fluffy consistency, and for many of us it is a childhood meal. Connecting apples and cinnamon is always a good choice, isn´t it?


  1. Trdelník

This is an absolute must-try! It is a sweet pastry in the shape of a large hollow kremlin, but without cream filling. It is made from boiled dough. It is rolled up in strips on a beech roller and baked in the heat of charcoal. When roasting, it rotates and crushes the milk until it has a golden-red color. After baking it is sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and nuts. That’s like heaven in your mouth!


This is my top 5 meals that you should try when visiting the Czech Republic. Bon appetite! Or how we say „Dobrou chuť!“




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