London Bridge is often synonymous with its modern day history as it is home to the tallest building in London, The Shard and boasts a plethora of contemporary cafes and bars. However there is a deeper charm to the area that London Bridge Secret Food Tour unlocks over three and a half hours of indulging in guilty pleasures.


An 11am start time means that not only should you go light on your breakfast but also put to bed any ideas of a heavy dinner!


Indeed, this is not a sample food tour but one where there is a pleasing quantity offered amongst all the culinary delights that await.

Our Tour Leader Joe begins proceedings with a leisurely walk towards Borough Market whilst providing a fact file on the compelling history of London Bridge.


Upon arriving on the main strip of Borough Market it is clear that all market traders have a willingness to produce fresh and wholesome provisions that are meticulous in presentation.


The first stop is Whisky Ginger for a Streaky Bacon and Egg roll that needs no introduction. It is also key to note that throughout Borough Market there are no stenches whatsoever but instead a pleasing aroma of sweet and savoury food.


Prior to midday you will also have the enviable privilege of delving into a richly soaked battered fish & chips box with containers of salt, vinegar and ketchup waiting to be emptied out!

Joe also ensures that there are regular intervals for you to have time to appreciate the market in all its glory and this can be done without having to soar through crowds. Whether you are a sampler or just wish to admire what is on offer the market traders appreciate all the interest shown.


Water replenishments and napkins are provided throughout, both of which are must haves with the smothering of grease on several sumptuous food items. There are also pit stops of storied landmarks in the vicinity such as Southwark Cathedral and City Hall.

Should you be tired of cosmetic tasting doughnuts often sold in supermarkets, then get ready for a homely spin on it with award winning Vanilla Custard Doughnuts from Bread Ahead that are intricate in texture. Joe is quick to mention that if you don’t like them then he really can’t help you! Indeed, upon the first bite the reactions of all in the group gave an immediate impression of ‘I want much more of this’.

To wash down all of the above in true British style a cold beverage and cheese selection awaits at the unassuming secluded Mug House Pub. Here, there is likely to be no mobile phone signal so you are much obliged to engage with those around you.


Finally you pay a visit to Chop House that boasts a panoramic backdrop of London’s skyline. Here you will have the opportunity to test your sweet tooth capabilities with a sticky toffee pudding with “clotted” cream, and such a term is befitting of how your waistline might be feeling at this advanced juncture of the tour!


English Breakfast Tea is served to conclude a truly gargantuan gastronomic experience!


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