Shoreditch represents the past and present of London’s storied history in its decor and character. Our tour guide Joe kicks off proceedings with a timeline of how the area went from being the epicentre of silk trade to the modern day hipster trail.


The first gastronomic stop is Beigel Bake on Brick Lane for a sumptuous Salt Beef Beigel. Joe is quick to point out the quality of produce very much supersedes the service! Indeed, the high turnover of customers are clustered in the doorways and as such the shop has agreed to be a 24 hour operation!

The street art on display throughout Shoreditch is contrasting and at times fascinatingly hideous.


A pit stop at Crosstown Doughnuts is an illustration of the extent of variation in gourmet homemade doughnuts.

Ever thought a car park could serve up culinary delights from all corners of the globe!? Well the parking bays here represent something far more glamorous. Indeed, Empanadas, Curries, Stroopwafels and much more means you are firmly on your way to gastronomic greatness!


Thereafter you will witness a plethora of chocolate presented in towers and intricate pottery at Dark Sugars, a shop that brings the best of West African cocoa with a fresh aroma.

A visit to Shoreditch is incomplete without popping into The Pride of Spitalfields pub that has wall art befitting of the area’s heritage. Indeed, should you be an TV armchair football fan then this is the perfect place to have an East End pulled Ale.


Throughout the walking aspect of the tour you will have the opportunity to marvel at the local architecture that has evolved from ancient warehouses to techno nightclub spots. A London food tour isn’t complete without a scrumptious paper wrapped portion of fish & chips and this is served up at Poppies.

The final stop The Grocer at Spitalfields market will present the opportunity to flirt with any sugar addiction you may have as sticky toffee pudding is waiting to be devoured.


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