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The 23rd ZOH took place in Pchjongchchang, South Korea, from February 9 to February 25, 2018. Totally, 102 sets of medals were handed out at Korea Olympic Games in 2018. The most watched disciplines were biathlon or hockey tournament.

The Czechs who sent the most numerous tour of the Asian continent in their own history, brought two gold, two silver and three bronze medals from Korea.

Czech participation: 95 athletes

Number of sports: 15

Number of disciplines: 102

The hero of this year’s OG became Ester Ledecká, who, after a sensational triumph in the super slalom of ski slalom, controlled the parallel giant slalom on the snowboard. She won two gold medals – skis and snowboards. The skis were even inherited from another skier from Austria.

Just like the third athlete (and the first woman), she won the OG in two different disciplines. At her premiere under the five circles in Sochi she had problems with his back, yet she took the sixth and seventh place on the board.

michal krcmar

The biathlete Michal Krčmář in the sprint and the speed skater Martina Sáblíková won the silver in the 5000 meters race.

At the games in Pyongyang, Michal Krčmář made a pleasant surprise when he made his first big medal in the first sprint, thanks to the flawless shooting and the quick final round. He also attacked in the endurance race on the podium, after finishing the seventh one after a mistake.


Martina Sábíková is already a seasoned veteran. Queen of long-range speed lines. Triple Olympic Champion, Multiple World Champion and Europe and Multiple World Cup winner.


Bronz was added by biathlete Veronika Vitkova also in sprint, snowboard crossovers Eva Samkova and speed-bearer Karolina Erbanová on the five hundred.

karolina erbanova

Our national sport has always been hockey. But we have not done so much lately. This has been quite promising this year. Unfortunately we lost to the Olympic athletes from Russia (who eventually became the overall winners of the ice hockey tournament) in the semifinals and we also lost the third place against Canada.


This year’s Olympic Games, with us, Czechs, were in the spirit of female winners. Of the 7 medals, six have been won by women.

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