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All smiles for Carnival – but why did it have to rain so much!

Last weekend we celebrated our Carnival – but, hang on – surely it was the weekend before because by the last weekend, Lent was already underway and holding a Carnival during Lent is sheer heresy!


Elaborate floats involving much resource and expenditure.

The whole point of Carnival, since mediaeval times and the days of the Knights in Malta, was a “let your hair down weekend” before the start of Lent and NOT to extend beyond 12 midnight on the following Shrove Tuesday because at midnight plus one second, Lent starts with 40 days of fasting, abstinence and absolute sobriety.


Creative and artistic.

Well, that held good for hundreds of years, but this is 2018 and time and tide wait for no man, nowadays adapting to circumstances and needs rather than ritual.


Articulatly animated.

The whole point of Carnival since its inception was a show of extravagance and a chance to poke tongue-in-cheek against the ruling authorities – with immunity and impunity, and that is what always happened in the past.


Magnificent float – one of many.

However, this time round, the proper Carnival weekend – that is the weekend before the last one – was a complete stinker. A Friday, Saturday and Sunday swamped with torrential rains and Force 6 and 7 winds and everything had to be kept under wraps. The bad weather abated slightly on Monday but returned with gusto on Tuesday.


Carnival in Gozo’s Victoria Square – on a big scale this year.

The whole event was a non-starter and a heartbreaker. 


The effect on the organisers, participants and thousands of attendees – particularly children, was devastating. A whole year’s hard work seemed destined to go down the drain – literally, involving much expense. Creating and making floats and some Carnival costumes run into considerable expenses as a matter of pride and honour and in order to compete for the prizes.


Footloose and fancy free at Gozo’s Carnival.

This was certainly a case in line with the Maltese saying that man makes proposals but ultimately it is God who decides!


Now, had all this happened some years back, it would have been done and dusted. Yes, great preparations had been made, yes there was much expectancy but the weather had determined otherwise and that was that – bad luck. All was as God willed.


The Nadur Carnival in Gozo.

The very thought of extending the Carnival period into Lent was pure heresy, a matter of Mortal Sin, hellfire and brimstone.


Not all is bizarre and macabre at Nadur.

However, this is 2018 and times have changed and people have changed. The organisers appealed to the Government to extend the event to the next weekend although Lent will have started, and the Government agreed.


Drink and be merry.

The rest is history and a hitherto unthinkable precedent has been created.


There were further complications for the religious zealots because St Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2018 also happened to be the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday.

And if you can’t afford a costume you can always cobble up your own at Nadur, bucket and all!

Oh well, time and tide wait for no man.   


A further note of development, over the years most – if not all – Carnival events, particularly external events, were restricted to Valletta. This has been changing gradually with growing popularity for other towns and villages to have their own external events.


Not exactly the stuff of dreams …

Malta’s sister island Gozo this year enjoyed a bonanza and set the trend for the years to come with a great number of events and celebrations. This included the much deliberated Nadur Carnival and its attractions of weird, bizarre and macabre characters who flock to attend!

No prize beauties here!

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