I will not describe you any place today. Today I will introduce you one of my favorite Czech bands and tell you something about their last concert, which was kinda special.


The band is called Sabrage (technique of opening a bottle of champagne saber – alcohol and Czechs, classic two). The band originated in early 2011, plays pop-rock and presents exclusively their own works with Czech lyrics. Among other things, it comes from the same city as me.


Thanks to my friend I discovered their music. To be completely honest, their music is nothing new under the sun. On the other hand, it’s good music. And their concerts? These are great. Especially because the guys are very original in this area! I was already on a boat concert, today I will write about a concert in trolleybus number 4. What is it about? It’s a beautiful Christmas tradition that the guys have been keeping for the fourth year already. Always a few days before the Christmas Eve, this concert takes place. This year it was on 22.12.2017. Time is set and you only get into the right trolleybus where you will find besides great music even small refreshments and pleasant people. How awesome is that?!


Moreover, this does not end there. The night is long and whoever wants to go afterparty is welcome. Even here is not a classic afterparty. Here fans will meet with the band. All possible songs are played here. We sing here, playing here, talking here, drinking here…


I had been looking forward to this event for the whole of December, and certainly it was worth it. I’m already looking forward to their next concert. And who knows, maybe next December we’ll meet for a concert in the bus!


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