By : Hatem Dhwibi a.k.a CoOL’Burn


When I was a kid, I was taught not to eat pork or ham due to our religious beliefs, except in some perplexing side cases like when you are starving and have nothing to eat except it, or when you eat unintentionally is forgiven…etc. That reason was not enough convincing to me because I believe that everything in this life has a logical biological explanation, plus, I am the type of people who do exactly what they are told not to do unless they are convinced that they should not. I made a small research and I found out the reasons why I should not eat it, as it contains a non-cured virus because pigs eat everything, even a corpse of an animal or a human being, I even went back in history to the reason why pigs were first created in the ship of Noah, and now I have my own personal reasons for not eating pork or ham, my own.

Why am I speaking about pork? I am not trying to offend anyone’s life style, I just want to clarify that as I will speak about American food, and I noticed that pork or ham is a loving main meal and people keep asking me over and over why I do not eat pork. Many would consider that ridiculous but each one has his own doctrine.

The routine of getting your food is almost the same in every food place, first you get something to drink, then you choose what to eat and the sides that you want with it, ends with the dessert if you would like to. I really didn’t face difficulties getting used to the food here.

  • The Buffalo Wild Wings House Sampler : collection of ultimate nachos, beer-battered onion rings, gooey mozzarella sticks and boneless wings spun in your favorite sauce or dry seasoning. Served with marinara sauce, southwestern ranch dressing, and your choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing.
  • The All-Star Sampler : collection of fried pickles, spinach and artichoke dip with warm tortilla chips, chili cheese fries and a choice of crispy or naked tenders. Served with southwestern ranch and your favorite sauce for dipping.
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad : crispy buffalo chicken placed on top of fresh greens, tomatoes, diced red onion, blue cheese crumbled and croutons. Served with a side of buffalo blue cheese dressing and garlic toast.
  • Santa Fe Salad : hickory-smoked pulled pork or grilled chicken breast seasoned with Desert Heat, served on top of fresh greens, pico de gallo, a savory blend of roasted corn and jalapenos, cheddar jack cheese, avocado and crunchy tortilla strips. Served with cilantro lime ranch dressing and soft tortillas.
  • Garden Chicken Salad : grilled, crispy or blackened chicken served over a bed of fresh greens with tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, red peppers, house-pickled red onions, shaved parmesan and croutons. Served with a side of lemon vinaigrette and garlic toast.

And the list in the Buffalo Wild Wings menu continue, pepper jack steak wrap, bayou po’boy, boneless wings…etc. I stay long reading the menu and trying to choose what to eat, usually I pick the food that I don’t know what it is. One good thing I noticed about food places is that each one has its own criteria, own specials.


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About Cool Burn Hatem

Hatem Dhwibi, a.k.a CooL Burn. A black guy from South Tunisia, kebili. Born in the second of december, 1988, but for him, he's not born yet. His life, the life he's looking forward didn't start yet. Cool Burn is the nickname he picked up for himself as a reflection of his person. Cool because he smiles, whether its time for a smile or not, he says : "i smile because i can". Burn, because he's burning from the inside, flames no one knows about, may be even no one could understand, so he's keeping himself a secret. Graduated from the higher institute of languages as an english teacher, he got the impression of his teachers and colleges especially during oral presentation sessions. He wanted to carry on courses but life didn't want him to. He lives in big-small city in the south. Big in space but small in content. He says : "dreams is what keeps me alive" He is ambitious, his dreams has no limits. He achieved some and still struggling for the rest. His father died when he was 13 years old, that left him a scar. 13 years after the death, he made the first song about his father called "R.i.P dad", in which he describes what happened that day and what he felt and of course using english language, making a duet with his friend whose father died recently. Music for him is a release, a remedy, so he writes, sometimes he records when able, other times he just keep his verses on papers. His mom is his first lady, he says :" no one and nothing comes before mom even i" Not much seen in his life but enough for him to learn how to survive. Contact info: Email : Facebook : Hatem Cool Burn Fone : +216 28 086 670