It does not matter what is your viewpoint, the modern motorcar is invariably a compromise, writes Iain Robertson, although Lincoln-based Forces Cars Direct (FCD) ensures that its dealings sidestep the issues.

Throughout our lives, we are forced into making compromises. Politicians do it consistently. It can masquerade under the tenets of ‘give and take’. However, Military life is altogether more ‘black and white’. Working to a ‘rules is rules’ remit, both former and serving military personnel are seldom forced into making compromises. They are given orders and are expected to expedite them.

Yet, if you buy a new chair, you are forced into accepting a set of standard dimensions, which sometimes do not comply with personal needs. Should you buy a ready meal, its recipe will consist of what is believed to be a standard taste experience and you may have to add herbs and spices to make it more palatable.

Car tyres are more compromised today than they have ever been. The tyre industry even differentiates between summer and winter seasons, which means that rubber compounds will meet legal definitions and tread depths year-round but a softer blend, more compliant at lower temperatures, will make for safer progress, when the weather turns autumnal, or wintry.

Suzuki Vitara S 6

Naturally, the motorcar is a compromise. The industry does its best to reduce the implication by making niche models to meet more specific motoring needs. Yet, what is the most popular form of transport these days? The SUV. A greater compromise does not exist. It looks like an off-roader but it is not. Dependent on model, it can seat up to seven people but it is not an MPV either.

When acquiring a new car, Forces Cars Direct believes that its customers should not be forced into accepting a compromise. After all, they are all military trained and skilled, so why should they be forced into an ‘it’ll do’ situation, either in civvy life, or for their personal transportation needs, while serving?

Buying a car from a conventional motor dealer demands compromise. None of them are specialists in the true sense of the word and, if they can offload specific requirements to another body, they will do so gleefully. If they can offload a certain model, because it carries a bigger earnings bonus, they will do so even more gleefully. It is bad enough that most of the motor trade has great difficulty differentiating between men and women…introduce ‘military’ to the equation and they will lose their sense of balance completely.

FCD is not about ‘moving metal’. FCD is not about making compromises. FCD employs specialists that know and understand the military scene and motoring intrinsically. FCD addresses the issues that confront the military person, in ways that the retail trade simply cannot. Dealing with FCD, according to its many thousands of customers and those people that give it such a high, 9.8 rating on TrustPilot, is a delight. A request is made. An order is given. It is an order carried out with precision and care uppermost in FCD’s activities. Then a delivery is made, with full manufacturer back-up. It is well-ordered, well-structured and non-brand specific but, above all, it provides savings to its customers that have amounted to over £50million in just the past 16 years.

Working to an ethos of ‘If You Serve, You Save’, it is unbiased, direct, involving, yet understanding and it refuses resolutely to waste its customers’ time on meaningless compromises that only serve to exacerbate what should be an elementary decision-making transaction.

Whether you are a former, or serving member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or other military speciality, you have earned the right to expect a service as dedicated as your own. Forces Cars Direct creates that necessary automotive bridge between daily and service life but, due to its ability to specialise, it ensures that no compromises need to exist. FCD is all about special people dealing with special people and, if you have any doubt, then try its range of services personally, then you will understand.

You might well wonder about my reasons for feeling so passionate about FCD. Well, I can tell you that they reside in the fact that both of my parents and my brother are ex-military. They have served; my brother during the Falkland Islands’ conflict; my father as a decorated WW2 pilot; my mother as an Army nurse in the colonies. I have long questioned the manner by which former and serving military, people who are not like you, or me, because I can state categorically that I do not serve my country, are dealt their cards in civvy street. They do not receive the fairest of deals. I believe that they deserve better.

FCD does precisely that. It serves them that serve. It passes on its negotiated savings to its customers, directly and without compromise and, if that is not a sound reason for anybody possessing even the remotest connection to The Services to take advantage, then I am afraid I do not know what is. Is this an advertisement for FCD? Not really, even though it might read like it. However, in providing the range of services it does, it is a company that warrants positive publicity and I am only too happy to provide it.

Conclusion:   Many of us knows of somebody, who is either former, or serving military. If you feel proud of their in-service achievements and you know that they deserve better, at times, rather than letting a motor dealership profiteer from a business relationship that the vast majority of them could not care less about, tell them about Forces Cars Direct. This ought to be a Public Service Broadcast!