Whether you’re an art expert or not, surely the Signal festival can take you. It is not a classical festival. It makes art available to the general public, writes Katerina Doubravova .

The SIGNAL festival, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in October, took place from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th October and offered twenty light installations by Czech and world celebrities in the field of light art. For the first time, public works have also been exhibited, based on a public call published by the festival in the spring.

As part of its small jubilee, the SIGNAL Festival has prepared several major news and changes for its visitors. The most notable was the creation of two official routes of the festival: the Center route and the Vinohrady route. (Previously, there was only one route in the center). The second novelty was the gallery zone, consisting of four original and, in some cases, publicly exceptionally accessible interior spaces. Here we could find light fixtures. The gallery area could be visited after purchasing a tape worth CZK 100 (about 4 pounds). Admissions also paid for videomapping, which required the use of 3D glasses. The price was 50 CZK (about 2 pounds) per entrance. The outdoor section of the SIGNAL festival was free of charge.

I visited this festival for the first time. On Saturday night we drove with my family to the capital of the Czech Republic – to Prague. We chose the route center and here we visited not just outdoor exhibitions but also videomapping and gallery area. The center was quite overcrowded. But it was possible to survive and enjoy it. Prague is a beautiful city! But evening Prague is even more magical! We honestly did not know whether to look at the lighting fixtures or to enjoy the beauty of history. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to bring together history and modern art. And that’s exactly what the Signal festival offers us!

The next edition of the Signal Festival will be held from October 11th to October 14th.

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