Mexico Plans

On the 18th October I shall be flying to Mexico for a six month trip. And what a trip I expect it to be!


But before I get into that, let me give you a bit of history as to why I am going. The reason for the trip is simple, I suddenly have extended family over there. As my feet had been itchy for a while, when they offered me and the other half a bed, we snapped their hand off! I wonder when people will realise that we are the rare few that will take anyone up on this offer. Me and my husband had been umm-ing and ahh-ing for a while about travelling again and where to go was the hardest choice, but free accommodation swung it, even though it will only be for a short while, every little helps, right?


Me and Dave at the peak of Kilimanjaro

So we started looking into it. Mexico will let UK citizens enter without a visa for a maximum of 180 days (though Brexit may change that). So we counted our pennies and started figuring out how we could manage it. Could we do six months? It’s a big country with lots to see, and I hate flying that far if we only have a couple of weeks there, does nothing for the carbon footprint! So an extended length of time seemed like the best option. Hopefully six months is possible.


Being the 13th largest independent nation in the world, the sheer size of the country is intimidating. 760,000 square miles is a lot of ground to cover and where to start? I’d look at the map and not have a clue! The country is so varied, with different environments, cultures and food throughout the 31 states. Researching the country seemed like a mammoth task. I was right, it was, and still is!


On the Snake Lagoon Walk on Kangaroo Island

And so the planning began. When to go, where to go. On a six month trip, how much should you plan? Personally, I like to plan no more than a month in advance, it means I can keep flexible. So if someone gives me some advice I can heed it. I don’t like to be too shackled to a plan, but then again I like to have a loose idea. So grabbing my guidebook and a map, a few hours later I had over sixty ‘places I want to visit’. Sixty-odd places in 180 days seems doable.


Although the places are scattered all over the country! From Playa del Carmen up to La Paz and everywhere in between. There are certain places I really don’t want to miss – the Copper Canyon, Tequila (well, when in Mexico…), Durango, Chichen Itza, various cenotes and once you start digging deeper, you discover Mexico is a varied and impressive country. We decided to head over the pond in October, for one reason only – Dia De Los Muertos. Should start the trip on a high with that festival.


On Loch Lomund

So far I have booked a couple of tours, quite well spread out so that we have the time to get everywhere. But logistics has been causing me some headaches over the past few weeks! Other than that, nothing much is set in stone yet, just than where we’re staying when we land in Mexico City (extended family) and an AirBnB booked in Patzcuaro for Dia De Los Muertos (and there wasn’t much accommodation left when I booked, looks like a busy place for the festival).


The recent earthquake in Mexico City gave us a scare. Luckily none of the family were hurt and nothing was damaged. So we’re still ok to go to their home. Hopefully it’s all settled down now.


Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

Another reason for going to Mexico is to try to learn Spanish. Hopefully immersion in a Spanish speaking country will help me to finally get my head around a new language (not my strongest point). We’ve both been trying to learn for a few months, I think we’re getting somewhere, but I’m sure our poor sentence structure is going to amuse quite a few Mexicans.


Me and Dave at the Grand Canyon

So over the next six months you can expect monthly updates from me and my travels in Mexico. You can also follow the trip on social media using #Mexpacker