By : Hatem Dhwibi


Away of the calm of the oasis, far from the south’s peace of mind, to Tunis the capital city of Tunisia. It was overcrowded, i thought that it was just a rush hour, i sat in a coffee waiting for the people to leave the streets, they didn’t until i lost hope, i waited because with the congestion, with too much people around i can’t focus where exactly to go or what to do while i knew that there exist so many places to visit, i had the feeling that i want to stand in the middle of the streets and scream out ‘stop’!

If i had the hands of time i would stop them in order to stop these crowds from moving and i will be able to think. I couldn’t figure out how to describe Tunis, if it is an economic city or a touristic one, if it is artistic or cultural, if it is modern or traditional, everything was there, it is the city of everything, the city of variety.

Avenue of Hbib Bourguiba, the central thoroughfare of Tunis, it is from where all kinds of people pass by, from high class people to beggers, it is the historical, political, economic, touristic and artistic heart of Tunis. Hbib Bourguiba whose the street bears his name is the national leader of the Tunisian independence movement and the first President of the Republic of Tunisia. Like the Champs-élysées in Paris, Avenue Hbib Bourguiba is fronted with streets cafés and shops on both sides lined with decorated trees.

You can not walk in the Avenue of Hbib Bourguiba without seeing it, a piece of art, a magnificent work of combined modern and ancient architecture is the Municipal Theatre of Tunis, people love to sit and talk by its entrance, groups of musicians and dansers come to perform infront of it as the theatre was out of serice until April 2016.

Tunis has developed a modern lifestyle, a modern appearence, but it preserved the ancient features of its past. The ancient city or the ancient Medina is one of these features, from the first step inside you start smelling the ancient scents, you start listening to the sound of copper on which craftsmen are making antiques and gifts for the comers and guests to buy, a long journey inside the ancient Medina to fullfill a man’s desires for discovery.

Inside the Medina is the very known Mosque of Al-Zaytuna, the oldest Mosque which covers an area of 5000 square metres, it has 9 entrances and equiped with a 160 authentic columns brought originally from the ruins of the old city of Carthage, from it, many of Muslim scholars were graduated.

I didn’t have time to stare enough at the statue of Ibn Kholdoun and the Church that were a part of the Avenue, i couldn’t catch up to visit the other great places that everyone must go see in Tunis, alot of history, endless stories are hidden between every single wall in Tunis, a variety of cultures, multiples of traditions and beliefs. The journey in Tunis shouldn’t stop.. and it won’t .. because from knowledge we never get enough.

About Cool Burn Hatem

Hatem Dhwibi, a.k.a CooL Burn. A black guy from South Tunisia, kebili. Born in the second of december, 1988, but for him, he's not born yet. His life, the life he's looking forward didn't start yet. Cool Burn is the nickname he picked up for himself as a reflection of his person. Cool because he smiles, whether its time for a smile or not, he says : "i smile because i can". Burn, because he's burning from the inside, flames no one knows about, may be even no one could understand, so he's keeping himself a secret. Graduated from the higher institute of languages as an english teacher, he got the impression of his teachers and colleges especially during oral presentation sessions. He wanted to carry on courses but life didn't want him to. He lives in big-small city in the south. Big in space but small in content. He says : "dreams is what keeps me alive" He is ambitious, his dreams has no limits. He achieved some and still struggling for the rest. His father died when he was 13 years old, that left him a scar. 13 years after the death, he made the first song about his father called "R.i.P dad", in which he describes what happened that day and what he felt and of course using english language, making a duet with his friend whose father died recently. Music for him is a release, a remedy, so he writes, sometimes he records when able, other times he just keep his verses on papers. His mom is his first lady, he says :" no one and nothing comes before mom even i" Not much seen in his life but enough for him to learn how to survive. Contact info: Email : Facebook : Hatem Cool Burn Fone : +216 28 086 670