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Exclusive fashion items carrying the Versace name range from handbags, jewellery, eyewear and fragrances.  Now welcome Versace hospitality, and the Versace Palazzo in Dubai, styling furniture, furnishings and paintings in this fashion-branded hotel which stands smartly in the heart of Dubai’s developing Culture Village.


Step into the lobby and its grandeur and sense of space will stop you in your designer shoes. A panoramic view focuses on statement pieces, splashes of “Medusa Blue”, paintings of fashion models and a mosaic of 1.5 million pieces.


A quick glance will not suffice. Floating overhead is a chandelier, graceful in its simplicity, a table or two prominently placed, laden with Versace vases while high ceilings tower above.

Promenade into the lobby lounge and you will be trespassing on a masterpiece mosaic, painstakingly crafted as the key floor attraction. Guests are Versace lovers, brand followers and those craving a taste for classical elegance.


For those who want complete immersion, indulgent pampering awaits in The Spa at The Versace Palazzo with a range of tailored and exotic treatments.  If you have time on your side, The Ultimate will keep you cossetted for 7.5 hours. If not, 30 minutes will give you a custom-made exfoliation of oils and salt crystals promising you a nourished glow. Add a sprinkle of sparkle, with a two-hour 24-carat gold dust massage, aptly named 24K, or a healthy based intensive facial of green caviar listed under one of their Swiss anti-ageing treatments.


I sampled a much needed 90-minute Sleep Massage and pleased to admit that I managed to stay awake to experience it in full. From the moment I entered the treatment room, snug in a thick Versace gown and fluffy slippers, the atmosphere was one of peace and tranquillity. Specially blended oils with hints of lavender, jasmine and sweet basil enveloped the room melting away intrusive thoughts.

My therapist started with a foot cleanse and a hint of reflexology before the full massage. Rhythmic strokes of a medium pressure leading from the heel of the hand gradually drained away tension. Soft, mellow music played in the background with no other sounds interrupting the experience. As if completing a full circle, she finished with my feet, wrapping them in warmth, softness and care.  A designer touch tailored to my needs.


Calm and serene, even without the gold dust and caviar, I stepped out into the House of Versace for another intake of its opulence and neoclassical designs.





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