I’m still in shock! Are these aircraft found buried
in ice, more than 3,000 years old – or what?

This news comes from the man who had the experience,
Dr Kent Hovind. I think you’ll enjoy it.


“You’re kidding!” laughed the lab worker. “Only 4,400
years ago!”

“Yes,” quipped Kent. “The surface of this whole planet
was remodelled by the Flood only 4,400 years ago.”

“No way! In case you don’t know, Dr. Hovind, I work at
the Denver National Ice Core Laboratory here in
Colorado. And we’ve been taking cores of ice from
Greenland and Antarctica. It’s dry… very cold… the
glaciers are MILES THICK… but their annual growth
rings are very THIN.”

He paused to observe Kent’s reaction. Then he thrust
home. “We’ve measured the ice… and I tell you, man,
it’s 135,000 years old! Your 4,000 years is a joke.”

“I’d like to see your lab,” said Kent, calmly.

The next day my friend Kent met the worker at the lab.

The employee ushered him into the giant freezer which
stored the long cores from ice drilling.

“See this core from Greenland?” said the worker. “We
drilled down and brought it up from 10,000 feet. See
the rings? This core takes us back 135,000 years.
You’ll notice the rings along its length… dark –
light – dark – light.

“Well, these represent annual rings, because in summer
the top layer of snow melts and then re-freezes as
clear ice, which shows up dark here. In winter, the
snow doesn’t get a chance to melt, so it packs – and
shows up as a white layer. These layers of dark –
light – dark – light, indicate 135,000 summers and

Hovind looked him in the eye. “Aren’t you assuming
those are annual rings?”

Let’s step back a few years… to the famous lost


In 1942, during World War II, some war planes landed
in Greenland. When the war ended, those planes were
left there and forgotten.

In 1990, an aircraft enthusiast came up with the
bright idea to find them and fly them off again.

He organised a group and they went searching. As it
turned out, they had to use radar, because the planes
were under the ice… in fact, so deep under the ice,
the men had a hard job finding them. Do you know,
that lost squadron had got covered by 263 feet of
ice in 48 years!

Let’s do some arithmetic.
* 263 feet divided by 48 years… that’s an ice growth
of about 5.5 feet per year.
* Now divide 10,000 feet by 5.5. And you get 1,824
years for ALL of the ice to build up.

We should allow longer for the fact that the deeper
ice is pressed into finer layers.

Note: those planes did not sink into the ice, due to
pressure on the ice. The ice had grown OVER them.


Okay, would you do some maths? Can you work this out,

The Denver National Ice Core Laboratory said that
10,000 feet of ice had to be 135,000 years old! So
the 263 feet deep of “Lost Squadron” ice – how old
should that be? That’s right… 3,419 years old.

Does that mean those aircraft are 3,419 years old?
What do you think?


In April, 1999, Kent visited Bob Cardin at his
museum in Middleboro, Kentucky.  Cardin had dug
out and was restoring the P-38.

You may be wondering, how did they get that plane
out? Ingenious. They had melted a hole down to the
airplane, broken it apart and brought up the pieces
through the hole.

“When you dug it out,” asked Kent, “did you see
any layers of ice… dark – light – dark –

“Yeah, I did, as a matter of fact.”

“How many layers of ice were there?”

“Many hundreds of them.”


“How could there be many hundreds of annual rings
in only 48 years?”

“THOSE ARE NOT ANNUAL RINGS. That’s not summer
and winter,” replied Cardin.  “ It’s warm – cold
– warm – cold – warm –cold. You can get ten of
those in one day.”

And that’s a fact!

Yet, the scientific elite was still calling them
annual rings in 1998. (See Scientific American,
February 1998, p.82).

Somebody’s either ignorant… or lying.

I’m worried. The textbooks you read today are
textbooks not only about science, but about
evolution. They’re trying to sneak evolution
in with the science.

Sneaking beer ads in with football matches
doesn’t mean beer is football. Sneaking evolution
in with the science, doesn’t make it science.

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