1-White rose cakes –Zaghouan



500 g flour

200 g butter

200 g sugar

250 g almonds

a pinch of salt

Half a cup of rose water

Egg yolk

How to prepare
Mach the almonds, then mix them respectively with egg yolk, sugar and rose water until we get homogenous dough. Mix the salt with melted butter adding gradually warm water to get a soft paste. Leave it aside for an hour.Divide the dough into medium-sized balls. Then, dip each ball in a bowl of boiling water for a second and let it out. Repeat the process 5 times for each ball until you make sure that the dough has become rather flexible.Spread the dough well and divide it into rectangles. Put a cylinder of almond dough in each rectangle and roll the dough around itself three times. Glue the sides with a little water.Put the cakes on a plate painted with little butter and flour.Leave cakes rest for 30 minutes. Place them in the oven for 10 minutes only so as not to change their white color.





1.5 kg cane powder

750 g oil

½ kg soft sugar

500 g flour

How to prepare

Mix the cane powder with the flour and sugar. Add the oil and keep mixing until you get a cohesive paste.

Shape it into small fingers or rectangles and place them in a plate sprinkled with flour. Put them in the oven for 25 minutes



Filling amounts:

375 g puddle and steamed dates

1 tablespoon of melted butter

2 tablespoons of rose water

A pinch of cinnamon + cloves

Dough amounts

500 g thin semolina

150 g melted butter

½  small cup oil


Rosewater to collect dough

How to prepare

Take the steamed dates and mix them with cinnamon, clove and rose water.

Form equal sized bars and put them aside.

For the dough we mix the above ingredients until we get a cohesive paste. Make equal balls.

Spread them in the shape of a rectangle, in each one we put a bar of dates and wrap it on itself.

Cut the rectangles into equal pieces. Fry them then immerse them in honey.

Finally put them over a grid until dripping.

You may decorate the obtained shapes with either coconut or sesame.

4-Eid biscuits


1 kg flour

300 g sugar

6 eggs

½ liter of oil

A cup of grinded orange peel

5 tablespoons of yeast

2 tablespoons of vanilla

1 cup of orange juice

How to prepare

Mix the oil and sugar. Add the eggs and stir. Mix the flour with the yeast and add it to the first mixture with the rest of the ingredients and keep stirring well by hand until you get a soft paste.

Put a piece of dough in the biscuit machine using the appropriate funnel. Cut into pieces of 6 cm long.

Place them in a greased dish. Place in a 180 ° hot oven for 20 minutes.

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