I remember how it used to look when i was a child, i remember that it was more joyful than how it looks like today, i remember the reflections of the sun rays on the running water, i remember seeing some kind of fishes, i remember that women used to have a side place where they wash clothes while singing.. i can’t remember much but it was different, it was simple and beautiful.. Ras El Ein, Janoura, Kébili.

The story of a land where rivers and waterways flowed, fresh water. People used to come with their camels, donkeys and mules, loaded with jars to be filled with water. Ras El Ein was like a melting pot, people meet there so they sit and talk and swim, men and women, boys and girls, there was no differenciation, also, it was the melting pot of smaller water springs of nearby villages. The Oasis of the city of Kébili was saturated, delighted, not only Dates and Palm trees, a variety of plants and trees and fruits used to be there, enough for everyone to eat or to sell, due to the fresh water coming from Ras El Ein that no one ever thought that this water will be executed. Tourists did always exist by the sides of that water spring, that lake, they used to make camps and the citizens used to keep the eyes on them, not from other people but it was just in case, for the tourists to feel more safe and free.

Years go by and this place started to witness the changes, the water wealth began to fade, may be it was misused, may be it wasn’t cared and given the attention like it was supposed to be given, or may be it was just the will of God, because we do believe that the more the people tend to be bad, the more God’s curses fall on them. Ras El Ein was like the heart of Kébili, with each beat, water flows through the veins of the city, then for some reasons the heart got sick and its beats were slowing down. Not so far ago, i remember there existed a Park by the lake, it was open, full with mulberry trees that people used to sit under, i ate a lot from these trees, there also used to be a swimming pool, in which we used to swim boys and girls together with no evil regards, how innocent was that time. With the disappearance of the lake, the Park didn’t last, everything was there because of the water, but there’s no more fresh water, all what was left from the memory of Ras El Ein the lake, is a circle built by the municipality in an attempt to save what was left but it was too late, it needs more than just a circle today, it needs a new study.

The place after the drought was ugly, and sad, until the new Park of Ras El Ein was built. That Park gave new hopes to the people that this place can be revived. The embodied of the lake was still by the entry of the Park, a memorial of the happy old times. The Park of Ras El Ein today is one of the bests in the country, well planned, well organized and diversified. Coffee places, restaurant, space for kids to play, a place for meetings and celebrations, a big pool, green fields all around the place…etc it’s the place where everybody go to breath especially in Summer time as it gets real hot in Kébili.

About Cool Burn Hatem

Hatem Dhwibi, a.k.a CooL Burn. A black guy from South Tunisia, kebili. Born in the second of december, 1988, but for him, he's not born yet. His life, the life he's looking forward didn't start yet. Cool Burn is the nickname he picked up for himself as a reflection of his person. Cool because he smiles, whether its time for a smile or not, he says : "i smile because i can". Burn, because he's burning from the inside, flames no one knows about, may be even no one could understand, so he's keeping himself a secret. Graduated from the higher institute of languages as an english teacher, he got the impression of his teachers and colleges especially during oral presentation sessions. He wanted to carry on courses but life didn't want him to. He lives in big-small city in the south. Big in space but small in content. He says : "dreams is what keeps me alive" He is ambitious, his dreams has no limits. He achieved some and still struggling for the rest. His father died when he was 13 years old, that left him a scar. 13 years after the death, he made the first song about his father called "R.i.P dad", in which he describes what happened that day and what he felt and of course using english language, making a duet with his friend whose father died recently. Music for him is a release, a remedy, so he writes, sometimes he records when able, other times he just keep his verses on papers. His mom is his first lady, he says :" no one and nothing comes before mom even i" Not much seen in his life but enough for him to learn how to survive. Contact info: Email : hatem.dhwibi@gmail.com Facebook : Hatem Cool Burn Fone : +216 28 086 670