The descriptions and depictions by the author Alex Kendall are tantamount to experiencing the highs of hiking across the Welsh Wonders of Snowdonia. Indeed, Alex Kendall is a Mountain Leader by profession and knows all the fine intricacies of the local topography. Therefore depending on how adventurous you are, his tours can cater for your desires, whether you prefer the hostile and thrilling winter mountaineering or the calm pleasant summer sunset views across the region.


The Snowdonia Way trail is 97 miles in distance and takes you through the National Park with the option to make your own itinerary of places of interest to stopover at and experience living like a local. Waypoints include the River Dovey and the Conwy. There will be a plethora of opportunities for panoramic snapshots. Within the guide the illustrations of the route maps follow a neatly presented curvature that compliments the text around it. There are also graphs with peaks and troughs to illustrate the significant waypoints and there corresponding gradients.


The guide is split into six stages to cater for the six day hike trail. Indeed, the further along the stages you go the more fascinating and epic the surroundings become. By way of example, stage 5A includes a visit to the Glyderau Peaks where lies the unique rock feature of the Cantilever stone that resembles a diving board. Indeed, this presents the dream opportunity to take selfies from all angles!


This Cicerone publication retails at £14.95. As you are guided through the eyes of expert mountaineers, the realistic perspective of what to expect with detailed trails means that a large part of the planning has been done for you. Now the time has come to embrace Snowdonia’s scenic sights.


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