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Sam Phillips

Last month my Dad and I decided to purchase our very own classic Trials car. After much deliberation (and persuading my Mum) we brought a class 8 car known as a VW special.

This new addition to our garage comes with a VW Type 2 van engine and is based on a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle. The trials car still has the original floor plan of the Beetle, but now has an aluminium body and a space frame chassis. The vehicle was home-made by a previous owner therefore its history is unknown, but we are confident that it will perform on trials in the future.

Our VW special is in need of an update however. The seats for example, are too big and are not suitable for the competitions in which we wish to enter. When completing a stage on a trial, the passenger needs to bounce up and down to give the car extra momentum. Bouncing also helps the car to pull away if you get stuck. Hopefully we will able to source some better seats before we take on our first event.

buggy 2 edited (Small)The car isn’t much of a looker either so we are somehow going to make the car more aesthetically pleasing. We will also make sure that the car has a better windscreen and some wipers to go with it. Class 8 trials cars are hard to come by therefore we were lucky to find this particular vehicle at a good price.

Both my Dad and I are very much looking forward to taking part in classic trials events this year. After some fettling with the body work and some new seats we should be ready to take on the competition.

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