By : Cool Burn Hatem
The city of the Sahara and the surrounding forests.
Continent : Africa
Country : Tunisia
Location : western south of Tunisia
received_10154905485558796It’s well known for the generosity and hospitality of its inhabitants. It’s the place where different customs, norms, traditions, values…etc are still preserved deep inside the people, though the changes.
For tourists, kébili is one of the best places to visit. For fun, discovering unknown history, peace, meditation..etc
Also, for those who want to invest, it represents a real good opportunity because there is a luck of investments.
FB_IMG_1486856656286For its citizens, I consider it a jail with no bars, a cemetery of talents as me and my friends call it. The reason might be obvious, and it might be abstract, no one can decide that..or may be I just won’t tell it.
FB_IMG_1486856610562Kapella, African-Latin language, or Capella, Latin language, which means the place of prayers in a church, is from where it’s said that the word Kebili is derived from.
FB_IMG_1486856759765The ancient city of Kébili, Douz, and Ksar Ghilen are the most known touristic places in the city of Kebili and may be even the most known and visited places throughout the whole country because of the amazing nature which they have and that is very rare to find.FB_IMG_1486856894647 The ancient city of Kébili is a history on its own, it’s there where my grands lived, there where my mom used to live, there where people go to reminisce.
FB_IMG_1486856974683Recently, a group of people were caught digging in the ancient city of Kebili looking for treasures and fossils. That’s something the inhabitants get used to hear and see, unfortunately. A group of people assigned themselves to protect it on the other side but the efforts weren’t enough I guess.
FB_IMG_1486857023539The other touristic places are also attractive for those who are interested in history and science.
FB_IMG_1486857041894This article is just a general introduction to these places, but next, there will be more details and more informations to share.FB_IMG_1486857087139 Enjoy the pictures, enjoy the views.














To visit Kebili and surrounding towns, contact

Tunisian National Tourist Office UK & Ireland

3rd Floor, 111 Baker Street, London, W1U 6SG

T: 020 7224 5561; E: press@discovertunisia.uk


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Hatem Dhwibi, a.k.a CooL Burn. A black guy from South Tunisia, kebili. Born in the second of december, 1988, but for him, he's not born yet. His life, the life he's looking forward didn't start yet. Cool Burn is the nickname he picked up for himself as a reflection of his person. Cool because he smiles, whether its time for a smile or not, he says : "i smile because i can". Burn, because he's burning from the inside, flames no one knows about, may be even no one could understand, so he's keeping himself a secret. Graduated from the higher institute of languages as an english teacher, he got the impression of his teachers and colleges especially during oral presentation sessions. He wanted to carry on courses but life didn't want him to. He lives in big-small city in the south. Big in space but small in content. He says : "dreams is what keeps me alive" He is ambitious, his dreams has no limits. He achieved some and still struggling for the rest. His father died when he was 13 years old, that left him a scar. 13 years after the death, he made the first song about his father called "R.i.P dad", in which he describes what happened that day and what he felt and of course using english language, making a duet with his friend whose father died recently. Music for him is a release, a remedy, so he writes, sometimes he records when able, other times he just keep his verses on papers. His mom is his first lady, he says :" no one and nothing comes before mom even i" Not much seen in his life but enough for him to learn how to survive. Contact info: Email : hatem.dhwibi@gmail.com Facebook : Hatem Cool Burn Fone : +216 28 086 670