By Ann Evans


Yesterday was National Grandparents Day, and these four golden oldie pooches are hoping that a special person will come along to their kennels at Dogs Trust Evesham and offer them happy retirement homes for their twilight years.

There are four older pooches (or old age pooches – OAPs) at the centre. There’s 8-year-ol Milo a Labrador cross, crossbreeds Casper and Cody who are also 8, and 9-year-old Collie, Max.

They all have their paws crossed, hoping for tha special someone will come along soon and visit them at the rehoming centre just outside Evesham in Wickhamford.

Chris Slight, rehoming centre manager, said: “It’s sad when older dogs come to us and get overlooked, but they have such wonderful personalities and there really is a dog to suit every family. For example, Milo is young at heart and is looking for a family who have an active lifestyle and a positive interest in training. Samson is at his happiest when playing with squeaky toy. Casper is looking for a calm home environment with people who are around for most of the day. And playful Cody needs a home with understanding people who will help to build his trust.

“As well as this, they’re used to living in a home and their personality is already shaped so new owners can really understand and appreciate the dog that they are welcoming into their family. There are so many advantages of having an older dog and we’re really hoping that someone out there will give them the retirement homes they deserve.”


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