Do you love a good mystery, ? The vast
Amazon forest still conceals many mysteries.

This report concerns man-made lights that never go out
– but just keep on burning, century after century.

As a matter of fact, I have written about this quite a
bit in the past – especially in Dead Men’s Secrets
( )

Here was an astonishing rumor —but was it true?

On trek through the forbidding Matto Grosso region of
Brazil in 1925, Colonel P.H. Fawcett, D.S.O., was
challenged by native reports of mysterious cold lights
in some ruined cities of the jungle.

Not only that. There existed, it was claimed, a city
still living, inhabited, illuminated at night. Could
this really be? Might there be some still surviving
remnant of a long lost civilization, which was using
“forgotten” knowledge?

amazon4Fawcett came out averring he had glimpsed one of these
jungle cities. He reentered the region to further pursue
his passion, but this time disappeared without trace.

It is noteworthy that few have ever set foot in this
“terra prohibida” and returned.

A “lost world” indeed, it is a land infested with
enormous swamp creatures, wild beasts and wilder men.
This region is generally bounded by the Rio Xingu, the
Rio Tapajos and the Amazon.

In regard to the supposed jungle lights, I am somewhat
intrigued. The existence of devices which provided
lighting at night in ancient times cannot be questioned,
because so many classical writers describe them. I was
dumbfounded to discover this.

Until 1890, we possessed only candles, torches and oil
lamps, and it is easy to think that this was always the

amazon2However, we must now regard the past use of lighting
and electricity as a historical certainty.

In Antioch, Syria, in the 6th century, an ever-burning
lamp was found with an inscription indicating it had
been burning more than 500 years.

And in England, during the early Middle Ages, a third
century perpetual lamp was found that had burned for
a thousand years.

In Rome, when the sepulchre of Pallis was opened in
1401,the tomb was found to be illuminated by a perpetual
lamp which had been alight for more than 2,000 years.
Nothing could put it out, until, in an act of vandalism,
it was broken to pieces.

amazon3Back again in Syria, in the 11th century, Kedrenus, the
Byzantium historian, records having seen a perpetual
lamp at Edessa, which had been burning for 500 years.

A sealed mausoleum beside the Appian way near Rome was
opened in April 1485. It contained a sarcophagus
containing the body of a shapely and beautiful
patrician girl. At her feetstood a lighted lamp which
had been burning for 1,500 years!

The body was that of Cicero’s daughter, Tullia. She
lay in a transparent, all-preserving fluid, the nature
of which was unknown.

When the preserver was removed, her lifelike form with
red lips and dark hair was seen by 20,000 people. The
lamp continued to burn for some time.

Many of these lighted lamps have been found in the
subterranean vaults of Memphis, Egypt, but after
exposure to air, the lights went out.

Well, what do you think about that?  If you want to
know more about these strange lamps, the best I can
do is point you to a site where you can learn more
about the Dead Men’s Secrets e-book. And after you
receive it, zero in on Chapter 25,  “Ruins That Glow
in the Night”.

Anyway, here’s where to go:

And happy reading!

Warm regards,

Jonathan Gray


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