Cuvva PhotoIn the UK a large percentage of cars are only used for a short time every day.

People might drive to work and leave the car parked there all day, unprotected, idle and unused.

This is bad for the car as it deteriorates faster than if it’s used more.

It’s a necessary evil though, as we can’t manage without our cars, especially in the country, where there’s a sad lack of public transport, if any! It’s rare to see a country bus. And who wants to wait all day for a return bus? They never seem to run at times that you need them.

In Commuter Land, the carparks are full of cars near every railway station. And there they sit, day after day, costing their owners a small fortune, on top of the price of their rail ticket!

So imagine if you could make a bit of a profit from your car, instead of a massive loss? Impossible? Oh no it’s not!

Cuvva BootRead about the CUVVA app.

  1. Cuvva users have driven over 1 million miles whilst insured under the Cuvva app.

  2. Cuvva are releasing a game changing V2 app dubbed ‘The Social Garage’ allowing users to see which of their Facebook friends have cars available for them to borrow directly in the app.

Cuvva was founded by Scotsman Freddy Macnamara who was often stranded in the country with buses into town leaving only twice a day. He became frustrated that despite the fact his family and friends all had cars close by sitting idle, he couldn’t drive them.

In his words ‘Insurance is broken, and I believe I can help to fix it – we’ve turned a process that normally takes an hour, into a 10 second, on-demand service on your smartphone. What Uber have done for booking a taxi, we have now done for “getting Cuvva’d” .

Cuvva allows you to get insurance by the hour on a friend’s car.

The Cuvva app has over 30,000 registered users who are estimated to have driven over 1 million miles whilst insured by Cuvva.

So why not give it a try? You’ll be helping a friend, making a profit, and keeping that car ticking over.

But Cuvva users, remember Cinderella and keep an eye on the clock! Although the car won’t turn into a pumpkin, your friend won’t be very pleased if they’re left waiting at the station!

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