Sydney Harbour Bridge by Reg J.Dunkley

Sydney Harbour Bridge by Reg J.Dunkley

Patricia Newell-Dunkley with photographs by Reginald J. Dunkley

Once again Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 is in the news with another fragment believed to have come from the inside of the cabin, found on an island in Mauritius, East of Africa. If proven to have come from the missing plane, it will be the first internal fragment to be discovered and very significant. The piece is also likely to shed more light on the manner in which the aircraft entered the water. The disappearance of MH370 stunned the world in an era of high technology. How could a jet vanish into thin air and it remains one of aviations biggest unsolved mysteries.   Much speculation has been ventured with suicide by the captain being the most likely at this stage; however, relatives of the lost aircraft are still clinging to hope that their families will be returned to them. Hopefully this mystery will soon be cleared up with the final location of the aircraft being found.

Kangaroo Island is well named with plenty of native wildlife and majestic scenery and easily accessible from Adelaide South Australia, Here you will meet Sea Lions, on the beach, Kangaroos, Koalas, Wallabies, Penguins, Echidnas and diverse birds. Magnificent rock formations, underground caves, bush-cloaked National Parks, and beaches and bays to swim and snorkel, dive and fish. You can drive from Adelaide and take a ferry, or fly direct to Kangaroo Island to immerse in the natural wonders, wildlife and great food and wine.

The Haven Terrigal taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

The Haven Terrigal taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

This is Australia’s third largest Island, after Tasmania and Melville Island. Once occupied by Australian Aborigines, who disappeared after the land became an Island following rising sea levels thousands of years ago. The British explorer Matthew Flinders named the land “Kangaroo Island” in 1802 after landing near Kangaroo Head on the North Coast of Dudley Peninsular. He was closely followed by French explorer Nicolas Baudin who was the first person to circumnavigate and who mapped the Island, leaving it with many French names.

The Island is noted for its honey and its Ligurian Honey Bees. The Island has the worlds only pure-bred and disease free population of this type of bee. Exporting pure-bred Queen Bees is a notable industry for the Island. It also has 30 wine growers and 12 wineries; Kangaroo Island Spirits is South Australia’s only Boutique distillery, producing delicious liqueurs and cordials. They make Lemoncello with organic lemons, and Wild Gin with native Juniper. Boasting a vibrant cafe scene and world class restaurants, luxury accommodation, Kangaroo Island is a must visit location with million dollar views.

Mr. Magpie popping in. Taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

Mr. Magpie popping in. Taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

Australia’s Matt Wilkinson has won his second straight world surf league tour event, taking out the RIP CURL PRO event at Bells Beach, Victoria. The N.S.W. surfer dominated South Africa’s Jordy Smith in the final, scoring 17.37 out of 20 to retain his world No.1 ranking with A3.21 point win. The 27-year old’s victory backs up his maiden tour win on the Gold Coast last month,. Wilkinson now takes a lead into the final stop of the Australian swing of the tour at Margaret River in Western Australia later this month. Matt Wilkinson is a Pro surfer from Copacabana N. S. W. here on the Central Coast , being a neighbour to Terrigal, Avoca Beach, McMasters, Killcare, and of course Shelly Beach.   Copacabana was known by residents as Tudibaring an aboriginal word meaning “Where the waves pound like a beating heart”. During the winter months between late May and early August, the Humpback Whale can be seen migrating to the warmer water of the Central Coast region off the area known as The Three Points named by Captain James Cooke in 1770.

Aussie superstar Jarryd Hayne has began his second year of his NFL journey with the 49ers in San Francisco. With a new head coach in charge of the team the next two weeks will focus on strength and conditioning. Hayne’s whole dream of being a professional athlete was to buy his mother a house and he did just that, now everything else is a bonus the star declares. Good Luck.

Californian crooner Chris Isaak is once again touring Australia. His love affair with the country is no secret; he is currently a judge on the X Factor Australia. The singer songwriter boasts an unparalleled eleven Aria Top Twenty Albums across his thirty year career and has sold upwards of a million albums in Australia alone. Best known for his distinctive guitar playing the popular star is here for the whole of April and visiting all states.

Handpainted Poppy Plate - by Patricia Newell-Dunkley

Handpainted Poppy Plate – by Patricia Newell-Dunkley

APRAs 2016 Songwriters Awards were recently handed out in Sydney. Courtney Barnett was named Song Writer of the Year, with Song of the Year Tame Impala, writer Kevin Parker, and for outstanding services to Australian Music the Ted Albert Award went to Cold Chisel. The awards recognise the songwriters of the tunes which have won their way into our ears and onto our playlists last year. The winners list highlights the dizzying diversity of music which defines our soundtrack. A full list of winners can be found on line.

Here at Shelly Beach we have had a variety of birds flying in besides the colourful lorikeets and the yellow wattle bird, some black backed magpies, butcher birds, and a rosy pink galah graced the garden. Princess Pixie the Pomeranian is off ice cream but has taken to Atlantic salmon, so everybody is happy. My website with books “Letters of a Travelling Lady, The Complete Guide to Painting and Decorating Porcelain, Wallis the Woman I Love.”     Cheeers. Patricia.
















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I am an artist writer, born in Sussex, Shoreham-on-Sea and educated at Ealing Modern School in London. I studied amongst other subjects English Literature and Art which sowed the seeds for what would become a lifelong passion. It was not until 1970, after moving to Australia, that I began to satisfy my artistic desire when I first started Porcelain on-glaze painting using mineral oxides paint, a style which would become my forte. Within six months I had bought a kiln, and I embarked on an extensive series of courses over the following years in Grounding, Gold and Silver Gilding, Lustres, Raised Paste and Pen work. In 1980 I began to offer my art through a number of major Sydney outlets. Initially the Fine Art Department of the Myers City Store, followed by David Jones, Grace Brothers, The International Airport, Micawbers Antiques, Bourke’s Hilton Hotel, Roseville Gallery and Toowoon Bay Gallery. Over the years my painting styles have expanded to include Oil, Pastel, and Watercolours. I am a member of the Society of Authors and also a member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists UK. My writing includes articles and poems published in This England, Evergreen, and The Radio ABC Pot Pourri of Poems, as well as short stories. “The Complete Guide to Painting and Decorating Porcelain,” “Wallis the Woman I Love,” a narrative poem, “Letters of a Travelling Lady,” and six romantic novels.