My head is whirling at the thought of it. Can you imagine –
two miles down inside a coal mine – an ancient building!!!
That’s right… inside the coal.

Yes, I promise you we’ll get into that in a minute. But
first, what do you think of these?:

* Western Australia:  In 1975, water drillers 80 miles
from Perth struck concrete 30 feet below the surface.
Investigation proved the existence of a concrete wall.

* France:  At Aix-en-Provence, from 1786 to 1788,
coins, stumps of columns and other worked stones, were
discovered 50 feet down, below eleven beds of compact

* Kentucky:  At Blue Lick Springs, underground,
below the remains of a prehistoric mastodon, was coal4
discovered a pavement of cut-stone tiles.

* Ohio:  In the autumn of 1868, in a strip of coal mine
operated by Captain Lucy near Hammondsville, at 100 feet
below ground a large mass of coal fell into the shaft,
unmasking a large, smooth, slate wall covered with
inscriptions similar to hieroglyphics, in lines about three
inches apart.  Crowds flocked to see this marvel.  By the time
qualified scientists got there with proper equipment, the slate
had crumbled in the air and the writing was destroyed.

* Pennsylvania:  In November 1829, in a quarry twelve
miles northwest of Philadelphia, at a depth of 69-70 feet
below ground, a block of marble was found, which bore an
indentation containing the raised alphabet characters ‘I’ and
‘U’.’  The discovery was authenticated by several reliable
witnesses and two years later an illustration appeared in the
American Journal of Science, vol.19, p.361.

* Omaha, Nebraska:  About 130 feet underground,
coalminers found a carved slab of rock.  The marks on it
divided the shape into diamonds.  In the centre of each
diamond was an engraving of a human face.  The earth had
not been disturbed – and the coal was dated at 300 million
years.  (Omaha Daily News, 1897)

All right, here is what I promised you…


* Oklahoma:  In 1928, in coal mine No. 5, near
Heavener, at a depth of two miles, miners encountered a wall
composed of 12 inch cube concrete blocks.  The blocks were
so smooth and polished on the outside that all six sides acted
as mirrors.  A solid wall was exposed.  About 100 to 150
yards further down the shaft, the same wall or one very
similar was uncovered.


When they reported the discovery to the mining officers, the
men were pulled out of that mine and sent to another mine.
That part of the mine was then filled up.

Hey, what’s going on here? Who’s afraid these things will
get known?


There are just two ways you can understand this:

(1) EITHER civilized man (the grand finale of so-called
evolution) was on earth BEFORE the “coal age” (up to 300
million years ago)
(2) OR coal was NOT laid down 300 million years ago, but
very recently, after civilized man.

Either way, the evolution sequence is in trouble.

So what is the truth… REALLY?  Is this something to
think about?

You will appreciate, Lyn, that to present you with
the truth convincingly and with sufficient evidence to do
it justice, is impossible in such a brief email. So I won’t try.

But if you really want to dig into this further, my special
ebook “Surprise Witness” exposes these and many more
astonishing facts – and gives answers with hard evidence.
You can get it from

Yes, can you imagine it? My head is still whirling! As deep
as two miles (3.2 kilometres) underground!  We’re dealing
with a deep mystery here concerning our civilized


Please email me your questions. I am here to help you
with any questions on ancient mysteries. Just email
me at info@archaeologyanswers.com

International explorer, archaeologist and author
Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on
ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely
unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon
headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to
the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert
regions of the world. He lectures internationally.

About Jonathan Gray

International explorer, archaeologist and author Jonathan Gray has travelled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. Jonathan has published more than 100 books and videos, written several hundred papers, and hosted newspaper columns. He writes in a popular, conversational style, but with a keen eye for evidence to support his findings. The documentation sometimes includes certificates, private letters and facts that others refuse to publish. A controversial, highly sought after speaker, Jonathan has appeared on numerous television and radio shows worldwide, and lectures to audiences on every continent. He is a hands-on archaeologist. Over the past 47 years, he has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. He has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. His findings include evidence of ancient Egyptians in the Americas, remains of ancient giants on a remote Pacific island and of Egyptian chariot parts and skeletal remains scattered over the seabed. As distinct from the general archaeologist who specialises in a particular locality or theme of interest, Jonathan Gray’s research is into global patterns. This unique approach has propelled him to the forefront of little-known discoveries that shake traditional theories of our past. Archaeology first grabbed Jonathan at the age of ten – when he read a magazine article telling how British explorer Percy Fawcett had found a dead, vine choked city in the wilds of the Amazon. The ruins were guarded by savages wielding clubs and poison darts. As it turned out, Jonathan’s first expedition was into that same unexplored region… where natives shrank human heads to the size of an orange. In the course of his explorations in more than 30 countries, Jonathan began to uncover evidence of surprising “out of place” artefacts. According to what he was taught at school, these were impossible! They simply should not exist! And these were not just isolated anomalies. There was a global pattern to them, suggesting an ancient worldwide civilization of astonishing proportions. That’s when he knew that someone had to speak up. He realised that this information was of tremendous value. WEBSITES, BOOKS, DVDs WEBSITE http://www.beforeus.com BOOKS Dead Men's Secrets: 
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