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Do you know why air plane pilots are warned not to
fly over Egypt’s Great Pyramid? That’s right, the
Civil Airline Department has banned all planes from
flying over the pyramids. As you read on, see if you
can discover why.


The largest structure at Giza, in Egypt, is the
Cheops pyramid.

• The Cheops pyramid is 476 feet high, with
a base 764 feet, and covers thirteen acres
(an area almost equal to seven city blocks).
The polished limestone facings (now removed)
covered 22 acres.

• It is still larger than any modern building.
New York’s Empire State Building is among the
very highest erected by modern man, yet it is
only about 2/5 the volume of the Cheops pyramid.

• The building comprises 2,300,000 blocks,
totalling 6,250,000 tons in weight (each stone
is 2-1/2 tons). This amounts to more stone than
has been used in all of England’s churches,
cathedrals and chapels built since the time of

• Covering the “King’s Chamber” are granite slabs
of 60 to 70 tons each, brought from a quarry 600
miles away.

• The casing stones (which are still in place on
the north face near the base) each weigh 15 tons.

• The pyramid is perfectly square to within
3/10,000 percent.

• Although it is constructed of 2,300,000 great
blocks put together without any cement, you still
can’t get the thinnest blade of a knife between

The joints of the original limestone casings are
barely perceptible, not wider than the thickness of
silver paper.

One of today’s biggest U.S. contractors has stated
that we do not possess any machine capable of making
equally smooth surfaces as those connecting the
stones of the pyramids. They were fitted to an
accuracy of 1/100 inch.

• The pyramid is level over an area of 13 acres to
within half an inch.

• It is the world’s most accurately aligned building,
true north.
• Originally this pyramid had a beautiful covering of
glistening white marble (polished to a mirror like
finish) and could he seen for 50 miles, reflecting
the light. It was capped by a golden point that shot
shafts of light back at the sun.

• The pyramid incorporates higher mathematics in its
very design, and advanced scientific knowledge in
its measurements. The relationship of the pyramid’s
height to the perimeter of its base is the same as
that between the radius and circumference of a circle.

It thus incorporates the mathematical value known as
pi (the constant by which the diameter of a circle
may be multiplied to calculate its circumference)—
and it does so accurately to several decimal places.

Its main chamber made use of several Pythagorean
functions not “discovered” supposedly until thousands
of years later.

• It served also as a calendar by which the length of
the year can be measured to the exact minute. And it
was as an observatory from which maps of the stellar
hemisphere could be accurately drawn.

• It is so finely aligned to the North Pole that modern
compasses can be adjusted to it.

• The measurements of its sides and angles accurately
reflect the geographic measurements of the northern
hemisphere, such as the degree of latitude and
longitude, the circumference and radius of the earth—
even accounting for polar flattening.

All this data was not ‘discovered’ until the 17th

• In the International Geophysical Year in 1958, the
exact dimensions of the earth were determined by
satellite, and the French meter—which is our own
standard system of measurement, supposedly based on
the dimensions of the earth—was found to be incorrect.

But more amazingly, the Egyptian cubit—the unit of
measurement used in the pyramid—was found to be exact.
In other words, the cubit fits into the dimensions of
the earth within five decimal places—a rather startling

• Cosmic radiation inside the pyramid contradicts every
known law of science and electronics—it implies an
advanced knowledge of electromagnetic forces.

• An energy field radiates from the apex, which prompts
us to wonder why it was built. The mass of evidence
suggests that the major pyramids were not intended to
be tombs.
• The pyramid was erected at an incredible speed. Recent
evidence suggests that this enormous structure may have
been built in a fraction of the time generally assumed.

It may have been built in 4 years by just 4,000 workers,
laboring only 3 months a year! This is a technological
feat beyond comparison in the modern world.

The supposition that enormous manpower, inclined planes
and rollers were used, must be discarded. To handle or
move one of the blocks might require a thousand hands
(500 men), for whom there would not have been room around
the stone.

(Assuming the use of primitive methods, the block must
still be handled, even if only to pass ropes under it,
or to load it onto a barge.)

Furthermore, engineers have estimated that a ramp to
service the Cheops pyramid would finally have had to be
a mile long, with a volume of masonry four times greater
than the pyramid itself. No, that’s not how they built it.
• In a search for hidden powers and riches, Melik al Aziz,
in 1196, employed thousands of workers to pull down the
three Giza pyramids stone by stone.

They went at the smallest pyramid for 8 exhausting months,
after which he gave the order to suspend all work when he
saw that the building had scarcely been touched.

• The pyramids are as strong today as when they were built.
Scientists have conceded that modern man cannot build a
great pyramid that would retain its shape for thousands
of years without sagging under its own weight.

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Here they come: astronomy… archaeology… and prophecy… They now

Did you know that a 6th century BC document written in Iraq
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1. ANCIENT SECRETS –  (c.60 mins.)
* Surprising Discoveries in lost cities of the dead.
* China’s secret pyramids.
* Egypt’s royal tomb shock.
* Lost technology.
* Ancient skeletons radioactive.
* Mystery tunnels where doors snap shut behind you.
* City of the dead, that no outsider saw for 1,500 years.

* The IMPOSSIBLE discovery in the Earth’s foundation
Stunning, beautiful polonium haloes frozen into granite.
* Did you know that the radioactive decay of primordial
polonium can last only a few minutes? But if granites
originated in a molten state and cooled over millions of
years, such radioactive haloes could never have been
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3. HOW YOUNG IS THE EARTH? – (76 mins.)
* Amazing scientific evidence that the sedimentary layers
comprising the Grand Canyon were deposited quickly
instead of slowly
* Startling scientific data that granites, the foundation
rocks of the Earth, formed rapidly instead of by slow
* Astonishing evidence that coal and oil can form
rapidly, and did so recently
* That dinosaurs lived not millions of years ago, but
* Where does all this leave our evolution theory?
* See for yourself Dr Gentry’s breathtaking bombshells

* In this suspense filled presentation Drs Robert and
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* Many wonder: Is the universe a cosmic accident?
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5. SECRETS OF THE PYRAMIDS – (c.60 mins.)
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* Learn of the persistent prophecy that powerful men have
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* Discover 7 fateful words that seal the future.
* Know WHY the European Community will collapse.
* This surprising prophecy begins in Iraq… and it’s a
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* Are malicious entities posing as aliens from outer
* Do these entities have an agenda?
* What are UFOs – really?
* Where are they from?
* What about abductions? (Only one class of people on
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* Did aliens really bring civilization to Planet Earth?
* Who are the sinister Legion of Lucifer?
* What is the occult connection?
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* See the “gleaming gateway to paradise” – photographic
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* A colossal city in space?
* Is there a Heaven – if so, what and where is it?
* Is there an after-life?
* Will we know each other?
* Will people be real, with flesh and bones?
* How will you spend your time?
* Information to thrill your soul… and give you hope
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* Alleged sightings – fact or fake?
* FRESH RED BLOOD CELLS found in dinosaur remains – what
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* Also: Learn about the discovery that’s toppling
* Thrill to the amazing DNA code’s “sentences”  and
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* Was there really a clever plot to use “evolution” to
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* Learn of the scientific bombshell that is set to
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– (c. 60 mins.)
* Archaeology confirms a most amazing event-by-event
ancient prediction.
* Discover prophecies 2,000 years old, that are coming to
* A million city folk die – and a small group is saved by
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* And the prophecy continues, step by step… What is
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* Does this prophecy have apocalyptic implications?
* A dead body… a torn curtain… and a rabbi’s curse.
* Learn about a prophecy, uncanny in its fulfilment,
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* Something else: what is all this talk we hear about
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* “Saved” and “lost” – what on earth do these terms mean…
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