Duck Shot with Illegal Dart

Duck Shot with Illegal Dart

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) is encouraging people to learn more about wildlife crime and to not be frightened to report wildlife crime to Sussex Police.


“Many people think Sussex Police aren’t interested in Wildlife Crime, but they are. It is well-known that those involved in Wildlife Crime are often involved in other illegal activities, as a result Sussex Police, like forces up and down the country are keen to know what is going on” said Trevor Weeks MBE founder of East Sussex WRAS.


In general, wildlife crime is any action which contravenes current legislation governing the protection of the UK’s wild animals and plants and includes. This includes Hare Coursing, Deer poaching, Fish poaching, Badger persecution (including baiting, snaring, shooting, and disturbance of setts), Bat persecution, Egg theft / collection, Bird of Prey persecution (through poisoning, trapping, shooting, disturbance of nest and/or theft of chicks), the illegal wildlife trade (trade in ivory, tortoises, rhino horn and other protected species covered by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species which including caviar, Traditional Chinese Medicines, and orchids), Non registration of certain birds and animals that require licensing through DEFRA/Animal Health if kept in captivity or sold.

A Hedgehog Rescued by WRAS

A Hedgehog Rescued by WRAS

“WRAS gets a lot of calls from the public about people committing offences, from pest control companies illegal interfering with birds nests, to poaching of wild animals on private land, and illegal shooting or disturbance of wildlife and cruelty to wildlife” said Trevor Weeks, “ we have worked with Sussex Police on a number of occasions to dealing with illegally shot gulls and kicked hedgehogs, with some great results.”


WRAS is urging people to contact Sussex Police on 101 or by dialing 999 in an emergency or an offence is in progress.


“We want people to stand up and make a difference and put a stop to wildlife crime” added Trevor, “it is well known that people involved in such animal cruelty and wildlife crime are often involved in other more serious crimes, like child abuse and drugs. So please take a stand as it will not just make a difference to our wildlife but to our communities too.”


Press Contacts:

Trevor Weeks – East Sussex WRAS 01825-873003 or 07931-523958


About Trevor Weeks

Trevor Weeks MBE Operations Director for East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) Trevor started undertaking wildlife rescue and conservation work in 1985 when just 13 years old, and his life has been dedicated to the care of wildlife ever since. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue was established as a voluntary group in 1996 and became a registered charity in 2005. WRAS now has four veterinary ambulances and a Casualty Care Centre on the A22 between Hailsham and Uckfield capable of looking after up to 200 casualties at a time. The charity is primarily run by volunteers and relies of donations to fund its award winning life saving service.