cap3Here is a first hand report of a coverup of lost
technology in the USA.

Dave, who is on my newsletter list, received this
testimony direct from the man concerned, Dr William
Gorentz, who was personally involved, documented it
in a letter to Dave Schloss, who passed it direct
to me.

Dr Gorentz writes:

I was surprised to hear from someone, asking about
my discovery all these years since the U.S.
government came to my site and closed us down,
confiscating all that we’d found.

To refresh the history; in 1971, I was part of an
archaeology team from a college in California.

A man in southern California discovered a cap stone
of sorts underneath about 15 inches of soil on his
property. When he had uncovered the stone in its
entirety, it measured about 6 feet long by 4 feet
wide and weighed about 1900 pounds.

He realized that it seemed there was an empty void
beneath the stone, but he was unable to lift it.
His suspicion was that he had an ancient Indian
burial site on his property.

He called the college, they sent four other men
plus myself to check it out. We got there and came
to a strong conclusion that it was indeed an
ancient burial site.

We arranged with the man, for our archaeology teamcap
to come out, lift the stone and check out the site.

Three days later, we arrived on site and began.

We lifted the stone, and discovered that it covered
the entrance to a man made underground complex of
4 rooms with a total area about 35 feet by 50 feet
with stone walls, beams, ceiling and floor which
had actual rain drainage grooves cut in it which
led into an underground stream.

Inside each of the rooms, were metallic sheets
which later turned out to be a variation of

Each of these sheets had diagrams of

* flying craft,
* incredibly detailed star charts,
* designs for buildings,
* pictures of various surgeries being

The language on the sheets looked familiar, but
none of the language experts could decipher them.
The best guess was that it may have been a very,
very old language.

Skeletal remains were about 9 feet in height.
We found the skeletal remains of three of these


We also found down there, what appeared to be clearcap2
plastic cubes, yet when you exposed them to fire
they got icy cold and when you placed them in ice
water, they would get very hot.

One of the team contacted the local police to ask
if they could guard the site.

The very next day, two U.S. Army officers, a major
and a captain arrived with 8 army troops and seized
the land from us.

Within days, the property was gutted and filled with
fresh soil. Overnight, someone broke into our staff
office and stole all the pictures and artifacts we’d

When I challenged the army officers about what they
were doing, the major looked at me and said, “It
would be a shame to have to kill you right here and

Nobody can tell me that the U.S. government is not
covering up the fact that thousands of years ago
there was a very advanced culture in North America.

One of the pictures even showed these men walking
among dinosaurs.

Seven years ago, I used the Freedom of Information
Act and got nowhere. I even gave them the names of
the army officers and was told there were never
any officers with those names.

There is a major cover-up taking place, and it’s not
just the U.S. government, but the New World Order
covering up these facts.

It is disturbing that true science gets muted and
stifled by the government. Respectfully: William
Gorentz, Ph.D.

Well, you would hardly believe how much is being
covered up. And so I have been putting more of it
together – along with some other related material
that you might find useful.

The result is 12 surprise-packed DVDs:

– 9 from my own 28-night Intelligence Report series
– 3 from Dr Robert Gentry’s shocking, cutting-edge
revelations that are startling the scientific world.

I make no apology for sharing this information. How
else will you know about it?

You will hold in your hands pure dynamite – powerful
knowledge you can share with others! And what does it
1. ANCIENT SECRETS –  (c.60 mins.)
* Surprising Discoveries in lost cities of the dead.
* China’s secret pyramids.
* Egypt’s royal tomb shock.
* Lost technology.
* Ancient skeletons radioactive.
* Mystery tunnels where doors snap shut behind you.
* City of the dead, that no outsider saw for 1,500

* The IMPOSSIBLE discovery in the Earth’s foundation
rocks: Stunning, beautiful polonium haloes frozen
into granite.
* Did you know that the radioactive decay of
primordial polonium can last only a few minutes?
But if granites originated in a molten state and
cooled over millions of years, such radioactive
haloes could never have been captured – they would
have decayed long before the rock solidified.
* Dr Gentry’s startling scientific evidence of –
hold your breath – an instant creation of the
* Before saying no, no, no – you’d better see this!
You may never think the same again. This discovery
has been put to the world’s leading scientists –
and they are dumbfounded.

3. HOW YOUNG IS THE EARTH? – (76 mins.)
* Amazing scientific evidence that the sedimentary
layers comprising the Grand Canyon were deposited
quickly instead of slowly
* Startling scientific data that granites, the
foundation rocks of the Earth, formed rapidly
instead of by slow cooling
* Astonishing evidence that coal and oil can form
rapidly, and did so recently
* That dinosaurs lived not millions of years ago,
but recently
* Where does all this leave our evolution theory?
* See for yourself Dr Gentry’s breathtaking

* In this suspense filled presentation Drs Robert
and David Gentry reveal the amazing astronomical
discovery that the universe has a nearby centre
that can be identified.
* Many wonder: Is the universe a cosmic accident?
* Or is there a heretofore undeciphered message in
the sky from the Creator Himself?
* Your head will spin at this cutting edge

5. SECRETS OF THE PYRAMIDS – (c.60 mins.)
* Amazing scientific discoveries about the Great
* And astonishing prophecies carried by all the
major civilizations of antiquity concerning a
coming Messiah.
* Discover the man who wrote his own autobiography
before he was born.  Yes, his AUTO-biography!
Impossible? You’d better see this before you
dismiss it.
* Have you heard of the most amazing day in history
– when 40 prophecies were fulfilled in 24 hours?
* Yes, I agree, this is uncanny… startling… breath-
taking information. And it may even lead you to
wonder: Does an unseen hand move in our affairs

6. EUROPE’S COMING COLLAPSE – (c.60 mins.)
* Is something really big soon to occur in Europe
and the world?
* Learn of the persistent prophecy that powerful men
have tried to break – and WHY.
* Discover 7 fateful words that seal the future.
* Know WHY the European Community will collapse.
* This surprising prophecy begins in Iraq… and
it’s a biblical prediction sealed by subsequent
historical events.

* Are malicious entities posing as aliens from outer
* Do these entities have an agenda?
* What are UFOs – really?
* Where are they from?
* What about abductions? (Only one class of people
on earth is exempt. Who are they?)
* Did aliens really bring civilization to Planet
* Who are the sinister Legion of Lucifer?
* What is the occult connection?
* How you can survive the plotted takeover.

(c. 60 mins.)
* See the “gleaming gateway to paradise” –
photographic beauties of the gigantic “open space”
corridor in the nebula of Orion – see undreamed of
glories in the skies you will never forget.
* A colossal city in space?
* Is there a Heaven – if so, what and where is it?
* Is there an after-life?
* Will we know each other?
* Will people be real, with flesh and bones?
* How will you spend your time?
* Information to thrill your soul… and give you
hope for your future!

– (c. 60 mins.)
* Alleged sightings – fact or fake?
* FRESH RED BLOOD CELLS found in dinosaur remains –
what does this mean?
* Also: Learn about the discovery that’s toppling
* Thrill to the amazing DNA code’s “sentences”  and
“instruction books” – identical to human language
* Was there really a clever plot to use “evolution”
to destroy Western society?
* Learn of the scientific bombshell that is set to
devastate evolution.

– (c. 60 mins.)
* Archaeology confirms a most amazing event-by-event
ancient prediction.
* Discover prophecies 2,000 years old, that are coming
* A million city folk die – and how a small group is
saved by acting on a prophecy.
* And the prophecy continues, step by step… What is
ahead, for our day? This will make your spine tingle.
* Does this prophecy have apocalyptic implications?
* A dead body… a torn curtain… and a rabbi’s curse.
* Learn about a prophecy, uncanny in its fulfilment,
that religious leaders tried desperately to
* Discover an event that was prophesied in the
Hebrew writings to the precise year… month…
day… and hour – 600 years before it happened.
* Jonathan Gray’s challenge to every skeptic:
disprove this astonishing prophecy if you can!

– (c. 60 mins.)
* How to influence your boss… your spouse…
and others around you… with this forgotten, but
proven success key.
* Something else: what is all this talk we hear
about being born again? Can one really be born
again? It sounds weird. But is but possible?
If so, how?
* “Saved” and “lost” – what on earth do these
terms  mean… really?  Okay, let’s discover 9 ways
to tell if you’re one or the other.
* And here are some practical tips on day-to-day
living: How to unlock the key to spiritual

I guarantee you, some of the information in these
12 new DVDs will leave you amazed… breathless… and

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International explorer, archaeologist and author
Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on
ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely
unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon
headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the
bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert
regions of the world. He lectures internationally.

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International explorer, archaeologist and author Jonathan Gray has travelled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. Jonathan has published more than 100 books and videos, written several hundred papers, and hosted newspaper columns. He writes in a popular, conversational style, but with a keen eye for evidence to support his findings. The documentation sometimes includes certificates, private letters and facts that others refuse to publish. A controversial, highly sought after speaker, Jonathan has appeared on numerous television and radio shows worldwide, and lectures to audiences on every continent. He is a hands-on archaeologist. Over the past 47 years, he has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. He has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. His findings include evidence of ancient Egyptians in the Americas, remains of ancient giants on a remote Pacific island and of Egyptian chariot parts and skeletal remains scattered over the seabed. As distinct from the general archaeologist who specialises in a particular locality or theme of interest, Jonathan Gray’s research is into global patterns. This unique approach has propelled him to the forefront of little-known discoveries that shake traditional theories of our past. Archaeology first grabbed Jonathan at the age of ten – when he read a magazine article telling how British explorer Percy Fawcett had found a dead, vine choked city in the wilds of the Amazon. The ruins were guarded by savages wielding clubs and poison darts. As it turned out, Jonathan’s first expedition was into that same unexplored region… where natives shrank human heads to the size of an orange. In the course of his explorations in more than 30 countries, Jonathan began to uncover evidence of surprising “out of place” artefacts. According to what he was taught at school, these were impossible! They simply should not exist! And these were not just isolated anomalies. There was a global pattern to them, suggesting an ancient worldwide civilization of astonishing proportions. That’s when he knew that someone had to speak up. He realised that this information was of tremendous value. WEBSITES, BOOKS, DVDs WEBSITE BOOKS Dead Men's Secrets: * * * * * * * 
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