As the rain has continually poured down I have found myself contemplating sorting out indoors and attending to all those jobs that seem to constantly get put off until another day. As I have rummaged through drawers and ferreted in cupboards, I have found an array of half-finished craft projects and lots of incomplete good intentions. It always fascinates me how quickly time passes, with days quickly turning into weeks; weeks into months and indeed months into years. I came across a little heap of pictures drawn by my six year old that were earmarked for framing and it made me realise how quickly she is growing up and how she is developing. The rag rug project I started from old baby clothes was stuffed in a draw along with countless other little projects. I found so many forgotten interests tucked away in every draw and cupboard and I am now feeling all enthused to get them back on track and completed.

With my craft projects all organised and the rain still lashing down, I turned my attention to Hattie’s 6th Birthday cake. Every year I make her a novelty Birthday cake and usually she has given me clear instructions of what she would like, last year was a three-tier flamingo cake and the year before a topsy-turvy cake with other years being everything from dragons to Alice in Wonderland teapots; but this year the theme was somewhat confusing with Hattie saying she fancied a guinea pig cake and then a super hero cake, with this theme being swiftly replaced by a super hero cake and then a sweetie cake. Turning away from the temptation of including all the themes in one cake, I settled for making a Hansel and Gretel cottage and even though it was an early morning effort, I must say I was really rather pleased with the results, more importantly Hattie and her little friends were delighted with it.20150823_125501

At the moment my life seems to be subject to a lot of change. I have seen many things departing from my life and also things coming into my life over the past few months. Indeed the wind of change is upon me. As I begin to make plans for moving I must confess a tinge of sadness as my current home holds many memories and even though they are not all good, there is sentimentality for the place that resonates strongly within me. Even in the rain my little corner of West Wales is beautiful and as the girls and I caught a dry spell to collect in the lavender for drying, I must confess to feeling rather pleased that I live in a wonderful rural spot where valleys green and hills are all I can see for miles and I really hope that my new home will still allow me to enjoy this privilege.

20150823_132808Sadly Dewdrop the miniature Shetland pony has joined her pals in pony heaven and this marks the last of my little pony friends. She made it to thirty years of age and I like to think her years with me were happy ones. The stables now seem empty and I shall miss my little equine chats, but perhaps once I am moved and settled there will be a new horse or two.   Thankfully my poultry is doing well and there have been so many new chicks hatched this year. Watching my hens potter around the yard and field with their young chicks of varying ages is the bit that makes all the mucking out and work worthwhile. Next year I plan on breeding some ducks and geese, yes I am certainly poultry fancier, however, how our three new kittens will feel about my feathered companions, remains to be seen.


Well until next week, a fond farewell from a wet and beautiful West Wales