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The Jungfraujoch region of Switzerland is so beautiful that it doesn’t seem real. It’s like a film set; which of course it has been many times, including the James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

More about that in a later article.

A lot of built-up areas are eyesores in the middle of natural countryside. But uniquely, all the Swiss buildings blend in to the stunning Swiss scenery, actually enhancing their surroundings. I can’t explain why!

We stayed in Wengen for a few days, using it as our base.

Wengen has no road up the mountain to it, and no cars on the small town’s roads. It relies on the railway to transport everything there.

Observation tunnel

Observation tunnel

The trains are colourful and regular, running frequently.

We caught a train up the mountain to Jungfrauhoch. It looked a bit scary, staring out of the window at the upwards route. But it was smooth, comfortable and an easy trip.

The train eventually goes inside the mountain, with several stops so that everyone can get out and walk along short tunnels to large windows to take photos.

At each stop, there are immaculate public toilets. How civilised!

I’m full of admiration for the workers, who were mainly Italian, who walked up the mountain, camped there and drilled and blasted thousands of tons of rock, and shovelled it all out for 16 years, starting in 1896. The tunnel is 7 kms long. That’s a lot of dynamite! The railway opened on the 1st August, 1912.TL_SWI_WEN_F0002

At that altitude, up to 3,454 mts high, it was extra-hard to work and they must have been gasping for air all the time.

There were several deaths.f7578048 (Small)

When we reached the end of the line, I stepped off the train and, after walking along for a few minutes, I felt quite breathless.

There are emergency buttons to press every few yards, so the altitude obviously disagrees with a lot of people.

We emerged outside, and I felt as though I’d swigged a couple of glasses of wine on the train. It was quite nice, but hard to go to the barrier and look down as my head was swimming slightly.

On one side is Northern Europe, and southern Europe is on the other side.

The Rhine is in the North, and the Rhone in the South.

We walked through a glacier with 30 mts of ice above our heads, and around 100 mts below us. There are ice carvings in several inlets.f8380224 (Small)

Then we visited the Lindt Chocolate shop, the highest confectioner’s in the world, surprisingly with lower Lindt prices than anywhere else.

After we’d finished our shopping, we had a very impressive meal in the restaurant, with wonderful views out of the windows.

On the way down, we got off the train and hiked to the next station.

It’s strange as the snow suddenly stops and the grass is absolutely alive with a vast array of wild flowers in different colours.

I was breathless if we went up the slightest incline, but perfectly alright when we were going downhill.

Within half an hour, we’d gone from thick snow to hot sunshine.

Even the UK’s not that changeable!


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