bones3Here is another report concerning resistance to publicising discoveries
which happen to be at variance with accepted scientific dogma. The
truth WILL eventually radiate around the world, as it deserves.

A friend of mine had a long talk with a New Zealand girl called Lisa
Kerr. She’d done extensive traveling, like many young New Zealanders,
who head out on their traditional OE (overseas excursion).

Lisa, amongst several jobs she got around the world, worked for a while
with the New Mexico Park’s Department. During her term of employment
there was a big “washout” in one of the Park regions and I’m assuming
it was up in Pueblo country around Taos.

The flash flood scoured out embankments and in doing so a large number
of anomalous skeletons were exposed.

bonesLisa and her colleagues were assigned the task of gathering up the
remains and placing them into crates.

Also in attendance at the site were Smithsonian Institute officials
and FBI agents.

Each day as Lisa and the other Park’s Department employees went onto
the site, they were searched for cameras. Similarly they were searched
as they left the site each day to make sure they weren’t removing

They were also obliged to sign “secrecy documents” ensuring that they
would never divulge details of their participation in this undertaking.

The reason for this degree of secrecy stems from the fact that the
skeletons were of people who were about 8 feet tall. They had six
fingers on each hand and six toes per foot. They also had a strange,
double row arrangement of teeth.

bones2The crates containing the recovered remains, at the termination of
work, were taken away by the Smithsonian officials and, undoubtedly,
will never be seen again.

Strangely enough, there is a report of two similar skulls having been
found in New Zealand’s far north around the beginning of the 20th

Lisa later had official “hassles” when trying to come home to New
Zealand and was severely grilled by US government functionaries as
she attempted to depart from the U.S.

If you are a lover of the TRUTH, then you will be excited that the
truth is now ready to come out.

My report on this is too much for an email, but I have put it into
a new convenient package of three explosive reports called
“Forbidden Discoveries”, “Men in Embarrassing Places” and “Is This
Really Sitchin Fiction?”

This whole package is all about so called “experts” being caught
red-handed. You will be astonished at the deliberatemis-information
being fed to us. It is now time to face the truth.


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