rs90a“3,500 year old human remains on the sea bed? Oh, come on,”
snorted Bruce skeptically, “how on earth could skeletons survive
so long on the sea bed?

“Well, surely they would have rotted away in the salt water… or
been scattered to pieces by predators? You know, any number of things
could destroy the remains.”

“You’re right,” was my response. “Let’s just forget it.” I began to
walk away.

“No, no, no. Hold on! Aren’t you going to let me see it?

“Why bother?” I smiled. “You don’t believe what we tell you we’ve
found. So why waste your time?”

Then I caught the sparkle in his eye, as he motioned forward with his
head. “Oh, come in and show me,” he pled.

“Before you look at these pictures,” I replied, “Let’s get something
straight. The survival of skeletal remains depends on the conditions.rs106

“Did you know that some time back, underwater archaeologists off
Agay, in France,discovered the wreck of a 10th century Arab ship?

“Yes, and up to 80 feet long it was, and with it there was another boat
up to 33 feet in length.

“But the interesting part was this: the boat contained the skeleton of a
man, aged about 35, with a sword and a cutlass sheath. That skeleton
was still intact after a thousand years.

“I believe remains even older have been found. It appears that human
bones can survive on the sea floor for an undetermined period of time,
given the right conditions.

“In fact there was an article in “National Geographic” (May 1962,
p. 697) stating that the oldest known shipwreck is 3,200 years old.

“Okay,” grinned Bruce. “Let’s see what you’ve got. Come inside.”

My crew and I had just returned from scouring the bottom of the
Red Sea.rs75

Scattered all over the place were parts of chariot cabs,
8-spoke, 6-spoke and 4-spoke wheels, as well as skeletal parts of
horses and men. These were virtually all mixed up, more or less

After what we saw there, it was hard to sleep at nights, any more.
Could this be the remains of Pharaoh’s army that pursued the fleeing
Hebrew slaves at the time of the Exodus?

Boy! were we excited! Wouldn’t you be? We just had to get this onto
video, or DVD, and out to the world.

Then when we first announced it, there was almost a stampede. And,
since then, you might say the demand has been exploding.

People keep asking, “Archaeology discovery DVDs – where are
they? Do you still have these available?”

So some time back I broke the news that YES, eight of them had
now been packaged as a set.

But unfortunately many did miss out. So I’m putting the set
together again – in case you would like to benefit from it.

Here (below) is the previous letter with the information
about this exclusive set:

Hi. This is Jonathan Gray.

DVDs please. Can you get us some discovery DVDs?

That’s what folk keep asking me. Yes, I’ve been listening…
And also trying to figure out some way to place these within
everyone’s reach AND avoid charging you for International

At last, after talking to some folk here, I’ve managed to get
you a good deal on an 8-pack. I don’t know how long the
special price will last.  And no shipping charges.

But anyway, here they are, all of them in NTSC and PAL format –
8 amazing DVD presentations (put together, very modestly –
nothing fancy) – but the facts they give are astonishing.

Some of these are quite CONTROVERSIAL – but the
focus is on EVIDENCE. So here they are:

1. Secrets of the Lost Races
2. Has Noah’s Ark Been Found? (In two parts.
Part 2 is Into the Forbidden Valley)
3. The Lost Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
4. In Search of Pharaoh’s Lost Army (Part 2 is:
Smuggled Out of the Desert)
5. Ark of the Covenant
6. Strange Signs in the Sky
7. Secrets of Ancient South America
8. In a Coffin in Egypt

If you’d like to see more detailed information about each
DVD I have put up a special simple webpage (which also
has EASY ordering facilities). Just go to:

Hope this information is helpful.

Thanks again for being on my list.

Sincere best wishes
Jonathan Gray

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