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Diets don’t work – well at least, not on my body!

In my job, I get entertained with rich food, Champagne, etc. and although I eat healthier at home, it still has an effect on me.

I’ve been feeling fat, slow and sluggish for a long time. Walking up hills is an effort and I get out of breath. So I knew that I had to face the fact that the only way I was going to lose weight and get fit was to go to the gym.

As I absolutely hate the gym, the only way that I can cope with it is to get up early and go there at about 7.30 to get it over with, or I won’t bother to go. There will always be an excuse not to go.

MONDAY Cynthia met me and took me through a routine to see how fit I was.Gym & Isabella & cushions 164 (Small)

Not bad, and I’m not as heavy as I was when I started before, but I’m definitely struggling more than I was the last time I went there, nearly two years ago.

After an hour though, I was feeling fitter and very positive. By the end of the session I’d lost some weight already! I’d also walked and jogged over three miles and burnt off 200 calories.

TUESDAY I’d set the alarm and I was all set to go. Then I opened the curtains and looked out of the window and it was snowing!

No excuses, it’s almost impossible to get out of here if there’s snow. We have to go down a hill, then up a long hill to the main road.

The snow had stopped after an hour or so, but it was too late for me to go.Gym & Isabella & cushions 171 (Small)

A big problem around here is the parking. The mothers taking/collecting their children from the schools might have passed their driving test, but a lot of them have no idea how to park. And they’re even surprised when someone wants to pull out of their own drive or emerge from their garage.

Then there are the College kids. No wonder there’s such an obesity problem in this country. Mummy and Daddy buy them a car to drive to school and leave it parked on the road all day, blocking the streets. Why don’t they walk?

One day there’s going to be a horrific accident and the ambulances, fire engines, etc won’t be able to squeeze through all the badly-parked cars.

Anyway, back to me.I did a pile of ironing, so I’m sure that I still lost a load of calories.

WEDNESDAY I did it! I got up early and went to the gym.

It was a bit easier this time. I’m settling back into a routine.Gym & Isabella & cushions 177 (Small)

There’s a lady who is nearly 90 and has been going to the gym for years, almost every morning and far earlier than me. She puts me to shame.

It’s funny; she’s got a young body with an old head on the top. She really is a candidate for plastic surgery, etc. She’d look half her age.

THURSDAY Third time this week! I’m definitely improving already. I set the treadmill with an incline and I’m not struggling for breath so much.

The weight’s gradually dropping.

When I get home, I have breakfast of two poached eggs on a slice of wholemeal toast.

Gym & Isabella & cushions 174 (Small)The margarine tub was nearly empty. The natural instinct is to scrape it all out and have a thicker layer on the toast than I intended. But I resisted it and only used what I needed.

Tomorrow is my first class. I’ve never been to one as I’ve heard tales of miserable women glaring at Newbies if they dare to stand on their  area of floor!

I kid you not, Dear Readers!

More next week.



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