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I met Helen Guo on a trip to China a couple of years ago. She owns Quintessential Travel.

She has sent me details of this wonderful competition, to win a free trip to see the pandas in Sichuan, China, at the end of April.

All the details are below.

Good Luck!
Please note; for queries, etc, contact the details in the article, not B-C-ing-U!



Recruitment Program of “Panda Fans”(Europe)

Entry Requirements

To promote European people to have deeper and a more realistic

understanding of China, Sichuan, Panda as well as the Southern Silk Road

through this activity, Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau of The People’s

Republic of China planning and organising a large-scale international selfdriving

of “Travel the Southern Silk Road, Visit the Homeland of Pandas-

Panda Fans (Europe) Travel to Sichuan”. From mid-December 2014 to the

end of January 2015, through the early publicity of the activity in Europe

countries including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany

and Austria, the six countries where pandas live to recruit two people to

become “Panda Fans”, and about those fans’ cost will be free. Before you

signing up, please seriously reading Entry Requirements. Welcome to

participate in this activity!

I. Recruitment arrangementsPanda_Map-English (Small)

1.Registration Time

December 15, 2014 —January 22nd,2015

2.Registration Methods

On-line registration:


Tel: 0086 18140054666

Players can register by logging“panda fans”

website to answer the questions and fill in registration form and then

Quintessential Travel Limited I Company Number: 5899685 I VAT Number: 923271931 I ATOL : 9455

272 London Road, Wallington, Surrey. SM6 7DJ

panda photo

upload your personal life photo.

3.Selection and comparison……

January 16, 2015 – January 25th, 2015. (detail time we will inform you later)

4.Publication of the results

January 28, 2015 – January 31, 2015

II. Application requirements

A.Citizen of host country aged 18 or above, behave, no bad record, within

dependent civil liability ability;

B.Love China, know about Sichuan, like pandas, fluent in English and have a

certain foundation in Chinese is preferred.

C.Be in good health, with more than three years of driving experience and

long – distance self-driving experience.

D.Have own separate account on Face book \ Twitter and other social

media, with good social skills, good at photography or camera

shooting and a certain degree of writing skills.

E.Good environmental awareness

F. Have more than 65 days of disposable time from April to June in 2015,

longing and willing to participate in this event.

III. Preliminary screening

Jury will select applicants from the network, depending on the quality of

application form, answer quality and the feedback information. 60 lucky

ones will be drawn into the site selection

IV. Field competitions

  1. We will through the website and E-mail to

Quintessential Travel Limited I Company Number: 5899685 I VAT Number: 923271931 I ATOL : 9455

272 London Road, Wallington, Surrey. SM6 7DJ


inform you the detail time and place to participate in the preliminary

  1. There will be 5 juries give score according to the player’s performance

3.Appraisal process:

3.1. Self-Introduction: In this part, players will introduce themselves (2


3.2.Advantages Show: In this part, players can use languages, pictures

and other forms to show their love of travel, their knowledge of

Sichuan, their love of panda. (3 minutes )

3.3. Talent Show: Players can take any forms to show their talent. (2


4.Evaluation methods:

4.1.Using scoring system: Up to 100 points, the lowest 75 points, after

excluding the highest and lowest scores, take the average.

4.2. The judges’ comments: at the stage of advantage display, the judges

can comment and ask questions at the scene.

4.3. Others: encourage players to display their personality and

advantages in tourism, information dissemination, and understanding

of China and Sichuan.

V. Network comparison

Contestants post their election materials, videos and Face book/ Twitter on

the Tsichuan website before January 15, 2015. Players are encouraged to

interact with Netizen through network and conduct canvassing work,

opened online voting and announce the voting rules.

Quintessential Travel Limited I Company Number: 5899685 I VAT Number: 923271931 I ATOL : 9455

272 London Road, Wallington, Surrey. SM6 7DJ


VI. Final Selection Score

Final Selection Score: Comprehensive site rating (60 percent), online voting

(40%), weighted. The final score will be announced on January 31, 2015. We

will select the top two players of each country to be “Panda fans”, and the

third to fifth place and a substitute.

VII. About the reward

  1. Every player who enter the preliminary screening in each country will

receive discount package of Sichuan travel (panda dolls, etc.).

  1. The top five will receive “The Panda Silk Embroidery” package of Sichuan
  2. The top two will get the free trip (including the cost of visa, commercial

insurance, Catering, accommodation, visiting, return ticket, etc.)

–“Travel the Southern Silk Road, visiting the homeland of pandas – Panda

Fans (Europe) travel to Sichuan”, which will spend 65 days on crossing 15

VIII.Special terms

  1. The contestants have to promise the authenticity of the materials that fill

in the form and willing to bear the responsibility.

  1. The organiser have the right to public name, hobby and image date,

unless the contestants specially request, even so, the organiser also can

public the necessary date, the contestants shouldn’t have any objection.

  1. The organiser have the right to use the date of contestants’ name, hobby,

imaFullSizeRenderge and portrait to advertise and spread, also can publish relevant

materials and publications; If picture and portrait are filmed by the

Quintessential Travel Limited I Company Number: 5899685 I VAT Number: 923271931 I ATOL : 9455

272 London Road, Wallington, Surrey. SM6 7DJ


organiser, copyright belong to the organiser. The organiser have the right

to public these information to media without inform the contestants. The

statement mentioned in this article, the contestants have no right to ask

any pay or remuneration for the organiser.

  1. The organiser have right to modify the rule and time in reasonable way.
  2. The organiser will sign the agreement with “Panda Fans” after determine

“Panda Fans” list.

  1. The statement mentioned in this Entry Requirement under the

jurisdiction of Chinese laws and they are interpreted by the laws of

China, the contestants willing to accept the jurisdiction of Chinese courts

of exclusive justice. The right of the statement mentioned in this Entry

Requirement will be protected by laws (Laws cover China, all countries

and regions outside of China).

Please reading Entry Requirements seriously

Quintessential Travel Limited I Company Number: 5899685 I VAT Number: 923271931 I ATOL : 9455

272 London Road, Wallington, Surrey. SM6 7DJ

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